How Not to Get Sick on a Cruise Ship

Cruises. They boast luxury and high-end facilities, with breathtaking sea views from spectacular suites. Your every whim is catered for and you get to enjoy sailing from stunning location to stunning location whilst you rest and relax within maximum comfort.

Well, that could be your experience if your budget allows it, and it’s also assuming that you don’t get sick. You see, as well as be ing advertised as floating 5* hotels where everything has luxury in mind, cruise ships also have a bad reputation for disease, viruses and illnesses spreading like wildfire between passengers and crew alike.

You only have to look at the recent coronavirus pandemic to see the devastating impact that disease on a cruise ship can have, with passengers confined to their cabins, unable to leave and stranded offshore until they’re given permission to dock.

And after many victims and fatalities were recorded, most families regret their decision to ever set foot on a cruise ship. If you had coronavirus after being on a cruise, click the link.

If you have a cruise booked within the next couple of years, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it. Here we’ll take a look at how you can avoid falling sick on a cruise ship.

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Wash Your Hands

We’ve all gotten used to washing our hands more these days. So, when you do take your next cruise, it’s a habit you should continue to indulge in.

Wash your hands after using the loo, visiting public areas and before you eat. You could also keep a bottle of hand sanitiser on you for convenience.

Use What is Provided

You may find that cruise ships provide hand sanitizing dispensers in public spaces. So, get into the habit of using them every time you see one. Encourage your family and travel companions to do the same.

Source: Pexels.

Watch Out for the Buffet Line

There’ll be strict food hygiene levels on every cruise. However, it's not always foolproof. When in the buffet line, be wary of utensils that look dirty or have been handled by multiple people.

Ensure all food is piping hot and doesn’t smell suspicious. Wash your hands before eating!

Be Wary of Sick Passengers

If you see a passenger who looks ill, keep away from them. It could be motion sickness or it could be something more sinister.

If someone is coughing or vomiting, then alert a crew member as soon as possible.


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