How I Shut Him Up When He Said There’s Probably Nothing Much To See in Bandung

Just last week, my fuck buddy friend from Malaysia, Patrick came to Indonesia. Initially, he was here for Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) and he asked me whether it was possible for us to meet while he was in Jakarta.

Since I still had to attend my therapy session everyday in Bandung, I told him that it was unlikely unless if I suddenly got a briefing schedule for Asian Games in Jakarta while he was here. It didn’t happen.

At first, he was planning to stay in Jakarta for 5 days, while the DWP event would only last for 2 days. I kind of laughed at his plan because clearly, he hadn’t done any research on it. So I asked him whether he would be interested to visit my hometown in Bandung instead. That, until he responded, “Sure, but I think there’s nothing much to see in Bandung, right?”

And that was when I got offended.

I wouldn’t blame him though, as he isn’t pretty much a traveler like I am. The DWP event itself was his first time visiting Jakarta, and he barely knew anything about Bandung.

That, and he isn’t the kind of person who actually plans out his travel itinerary. I mean, he just booked his accommodation at the train on the way to Bandung from Jakarta. Like thank God he’s just my friend with benefits, otherwise we wouldn’t make a good couple when we travel. Hmm.

After I told him to do some research first to decide what he wants to visit, he told me that he wanted to go to Kawah Putih. But then it had been raining in the past few days when he came, and the route to Kawah Putih was kinda risky with flood and all that. I told him the ugly truth and asked whether he was up to go to the volcano in the north part of Bandung instead.

In addition, on the way to the volcano, we could stop by this place that I wanted to visit. This place is a theme park called Farmhouse. So off we went to Lembang with two main destinations: Farmhouse and Tangkuban Perahu.

Lembang at a Glance

Lembang is an administrative district of West Bandung regency, in which it takes around an hour from Bandung city center in the low season.

However, we went to Lembang in the high-peak season as it was almost Christmas holiday, so the traffic jam was as bad as it could be and it took around 3 hours for me to get to the city center from Lembang when I came back.

But here’s the thing, the traffic in some big cities in Indonesia is so bad that you may want to add a couple of hours to spare if you plan to go somewhere. No, I’m not kidding.

Farmhouse Susu Lembang

As I mentioned earlier, Farmhouse Susu Lembang is a theme park, in which it has gained its popularity because of the hobbit house where people can take selfies there. Long story short, I wanted to go there because according social medias that I follow, this place is instagrammable.

Is it, though? We’ll find out the answer to this question soon! 😉

As we drove by car to get there, we spent IDR 25,000 for the parking fee. We parked the car outside, although you could also park your vehicle in the parking lot inside Farmhouse area for only IDR 10,000.

Our problem was that it was really crowded when we got there that we played it safe to avoid getting back and forth to find a parking spot. So then we didn’t think twice to park the car outside Farmhouse area.

The entry ticket to Farmhouse costs IDR 25,000 per pax, including a free cup of fresh milk for each visitor. You can choose any flavor you like as long as it’s available. We chose chocolate fresh milk that tasted relatively okay. 🙂

The love lock area
The padlocks locked by the sweethearts at Farmhouse Susu Lembang.

Close to the entry gate, there was this love lock area in which it wasn’t really special anymore since nowadays I could find a lot of places that are somewhat a copycat of Pont des Arts. Hmm.

It wasn’t really exciting really, because even then I started to feel like this place was overrated. Not to mention that it was a little too crowded for such a small area. But then again I couldn’t really complain about it being touristy as I was a part of this tourist trend. *lol*

The European style-building area

Apologies that I didn’t get a chance to take any picture in this area. This area was full of people renting Dutch costumes, taking some selfies in every corner of the area.

Honestly, the view of people taking selfie was the main reason why I didn’t take any picture of this area. Hmm.

And also in this area, I whispered to Patrick as I realized something.

“You know what this place reminds me of? Penang Hill.”

He agrees.

The farm animals area

Things got a little interesting when I got to the farm animals area, because that’s when something in me awakened. Yeay, animals! 😀

One of these sheep is called Fluffy. Guess which one is he?

There’s something about the farm animals in this area, they look genuinely happy so the experience is a bit different compared to when I visited some regular zoos.

At least, the sheep or the cows that I encountered look healthy and happy. I mean, don’t you notice the smile on those sheep’s face? 😛

In some areas, you could see some animals in the cage, while in some others, you could actually interact and feed them. Each one of them wears a collar with their name on it. Like this one.

Hi, my name is Maika and I am looking for food, please. 🙂

Those who run wild and free like Maika, you can feed them as well. With IDR 5,000 you can buy a bag of carrot to feed the sheep. And that’s when I touched their fur.

My God, it’s so soft! Like, when I saw these sheep, I kind of underestimated their fur as I thought it would be rough, but once I touched it, I just wanted to be with them forever.

I enthusiastically told Patrick to try to touch one of them, and he was awed in disbelief screaming, “My God, it feels like a carpet!”

Some cubs that you can also feed.

Apart from sheep, you can also find some cows and their cubs in the area. And just like the sheep, you can also feed the cub with IDR 20,000 for each bottle of milk.

At first, you might think that you could actually buy a bottle of milk to feed a few cubs. However, the reality was this: once one cub got to the tip of the bottle, they wouldn’t stop until they finished it. And it happened so fast!

Or maybe it was just the cub that I fed being so fat and greedy. 😛

The Hobbiton area

This is the most phenomenon area of this place, as the only thing I knew about Farmhouse before I visited it was that we could take a pic in front of a hobbit house there.

The truth was so disappointing that Patrick and I literally sighed in disbelief when we reached the Hobbiton area and it was, well… Just that.

IMG_7484 (1)
I honestly lost my interest to take a pic of myself in front of this when I got there.

Remember when I said that the farm animals look genuinely healthy and happy?

Well, not so far from the Hobbiton area, we could see some rabbits and hamsters running wild and (not so) free as so many kids touched them.

I’m not being salty to anyone with toddler and kids, but a lot of people here don’t really care about animals as long as their kids are happy. The thing is, not every kid is nice.

Some kids (or adults, I couldn’t tell as everyone could touch these animals!) probably like to hurt them as I could see some hamsters looked ill. While there was this random rabbit whose fur looked so dirty with… some pen ink. Like, how the fuck did it happen?

Surprisingly, when we were busy strolling around, we didn’t notice that the Hobbiton was actually the last area of Farmhouse as we got to the exit area once finished seeing around the Hobbiton. Needless to say, my experience to Farmhouse was kind of disappointing.

My Verdict

Farmhouse was slightly disappointing. Like I said, it kind of reminds me a bit of Penang Hill. Not so thrilled.

The only happy thing that I got from Farmhouse was by the time I fed the farm animals. Other than that, not so much.

Apart from that, I kind of hope that maybe for small animals like hamster and rabbits, maybe they could just separate them from some direct human touch. I mean, they’re small so they’re so vulnerable.

It’s safe for everyone, be it the human and the animals, if we can keep the distance between them.

However, price-wise and distance-wise, it’s okay. I mean, this could be a short getaway when I got bored of Bandung city life next time. The only thing I need to do is to avoid the high peak season so that it won’t be as crowded as when I got there last week. 🙂

Tangkuban Perahu

It took around 45 minutes from Farmhouse to get to Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Perahu is a stratovolcano that was erupted at least 30 times in the past 40,000++ years.

The entry ticket to Tangkuban Perahu costs IDR 20,000 per (local) pax.

And although Patrick was Malaysian by nationality and he should have paid for international tourist price IDR 200,000 (you heard it right, 10 times more expensive!), even since we got out of Farmhouse, I told him to get everything taken care of. *sneaky*

What I did was, I let myself drive to Tangkuban Perahu so I would be the one who interacts with the staff in Tangkuban Perahu. With Patrick being Chinese ethnic, I told him to say nothing at the entrance and I lied when the staff asked whether there was anyone who’s not Indonesian.

The total amount of money we spent is IDR 65,000 with car parking fee for IDR 25,000 and 2 entry ticket for Indonesian tourists! 😛 

The Mythology

Tangkuban Perahu itself is the Sundanese word for ‘the boat that is upside down’ as there was some local myth about how it was created.


The story is about Dayang Sumbi, a beautiful woman who lived in West Java who has a son called Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi told his son to get off due to his disobedience.

That, until Sangkuriang met his mom again a few years later only find out he’s in love with his mom as he didn’t recognize Dayang Sumbi as his mother anymore.

As Dayang Sumbi found out that Sangkuriang was, in fact, her son, she decided to ask something that was impossible to be done by Sangkuriang, she asked him to build a dam around Citarum river and a large boat to cross the river. The next thing she knew, her son meditated and summoned buto ijo, the mythical creature to do it.

When Dayang Sumbi realized that the task was almost done, she manipulated a sunrise by spreading red silk cloths in the east. Sangkuriang was fooled and so pissed off as he thought he failed and kicked the dam and the unfinished boat. And legend has it that the result was the severe flooding and the creation of the volcano from the hull of the boat.

Sounds like a bullshit? Well, that’s my bedtime story when I was a kid. 😛 

Now that I’m an adult, although I agree with you that it sounds like a bullshit, I suppose we would probably have a similar story with pretty much the same moral message in every culture. I mean, you could say the story of Dayang Sumbi and Sangkuriang is such a bullshit, but what about Jocasta and Oedipus in Greek mythology?

Aren’t they similar? The only difference is that the tendency to like older people is now named after Oedipus situation, so yeah…

Kawah Ratu area

Once we got to Tangkuban Perahu area, we drove straight to the biggest crater called Kawah Ratu.

Kawah Ratu, Tangkuban Perahu.

Shit happened because only 5 minutes after we arrived, it started raining. The only good thing was that we actually got a chance to take a pic of this before it was all wet because of the raining.

So then we decided to chill around the food stall. I had BBQ corn while Patrick had BBQ sausage while waiting for the rain to stop. It didn’t stop until half an hour later and we got bored. You know what happened? We got back to the car, and actually took a nap as it was raining outside!

Could you imagine going to a volcano only to take a nap inside the car to avoid the rain? 😛 

And no, we didn’t even make out. Like we actually had a genuine nap in the car until a couple of hours later when the rain stopped. It was when Patrick went outside to go to the toilet when he woke me up and asked me to stroll around the crater area.

He also found some souvenirs for his friends back home around the souvenir stalls along the way, and when we walked far enough, we found out that it got misty there. And we simply just loved what we saw.

A tree that is probably older than your Grams.

A lot of visitors decided to go back home when it was raining, so it was quiet when we walked around the crater.

The mist after rain and the quiet situation, it looked mystical and serene at the same time. It was glorious! 🙂 

Patrick was so busy taking some snapshots and I was too busy looking around because I forgot to bring my phone there.

After the scene, Patrick so enthusiastically told me that it was so great to come here because that’s exactly the kind of landscape he wanted to see. We had a real nice chat as he told me some nightmares he got, as well as some stories about his ex who didn’t like the idea of traveling to this kind of place.

So I told him to seize the day! 😀

My Verdict

This was the first time I visited Tangkuban Perahu since probably 7 years ago. And there was no significant difference when it comes to the view, although it was my first time to actually visit in such raining day. :/

However, I’m so glad that I made it. And even better as we got a chance to see this breathtaking view!

IMG_7544 (1)
Isn’t this creepy and beautiful at the same time?

It’s like, on the same day, we visited 2 totally different places where one was so happy and colorful, while others made us kind of want to rethink about life.

I love it! 😀

Tips to Visit Bandung (Farmhouse and Tangkuban Perahu in Particular)

  • Wear casual clothes, you may as well need a cardigan or jacket.
  • Dry season is preferable, in which it usually falls from April to September.
  • You may want to use personal vehicle to get to the location, be it a car or a motorcycle that you can rent for a day.
  • Stay gentle with the animals, and if you bring your kids with you, always educate them to also do the same! There’s no excuse, they can be assholes even though they’re only a kid. Don’t let your kid be one.
  • Avoid holiday season. Unless you’re looking into a crowded place.
  • You’ve paid the parking fee at Tangkuban Perahu. But then once you get to Kawah Ratu area, you’ll also find some parking attendants that may scam you. Give them IDR 3,000 and ssssh.
  • For anyone from ASEAN countries, I know it’s such a bad tip for you but it’ll save a lot of money if you just go to Tangkuban Perahu with your local friends and let them do the talk so you can pay the local ticket.

Well, that’s a wrap about my story of visiting Farmhouse and Tangkuban Perahu.

Are you interested to go to any of these places after you read my piece? Tell me your comment, and cheerio! 😀

Reference: Wikipedia

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10 thoughts on “How I Shut Him Up When He Said There’s Probably Nothing Much To See in Bandung

  1. Hey, I spent 3 hours waiting for a train in Bandung, so I didn’t get a chance to check out any of these places! Where else did you see in Java?

    1. 3 hours waiting for a train in bandung? you meant, you actually were in bandung for a transit? well, there’s nothing much to see in bandung if you’ve got only 3 hours since the traffic has been kinda shite lately. 😀

      i’ve been to some places in java actually, in fact i’ve been to all provinces in java. where did you go from bandung by train? please don’t tell me jakarta! 😛

  2. I love places connected with some legends and stories. You bought me with that. But it’s really bad that most of the tourist places are becoming overcrowded now days.

  3. I love places connected with some legends and stories. You bought me with that. But it’s really bad that most of the tourist places are becoming overcrowded now days.

  4. Sometimes rain makes for a more interesting adventure. While I was in Costa Rica it rained the entire time we visited the volcano, but we made the best of it. Sounds like you did too! Thanks for the tips!

  5. I think one’s attitude when travelling speaks a lot about them, whether it rained, whether it’s hot, enjoying the scenes, culture, and experience is something I’m grateful…it’s definitely a great place to see a lot and take photos of interesting spots! Thanks for the virtual tour!

    1. yes, traveling is pretty much like life if you think about it, with its ups and downs. not to mention that sometimes it rains while other time the sun is everywhere. we just need to see the beauty of what got us and move on. 🙂

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