How Dating Apps Are Helping Adventurous Singles Seek Connections Abroad

People seek romantic connections abroad for various reasons. They might be interested in learning about different cultures and traditions, and a romantic relationship is one of the best ways to do so. 

Being with someone from another country can broaden one's perspective and worldview. It can challenge preconceived notions and expose individuals to new ideas and ways of life.

This article discusses and gives further insight into the wanderlove trend and how it's useful for adventurous singles seek connections abroad

5 Ways Dating Apps Help People Seek Connections Abroad

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Learning a foreign language 

A relationship with someone who speaks a different language can provide an immersive learning experience, which people can find exciting.

Language is still a barrier in 2024: 35% of millennials and Gen Z individuals report having felt embarrassed because someone speaking a foreign language flirted with them. The discomfort came from not understanding the language.

The same survey found that 21% of people had tried to flirt with someone in a foreign language and failed. Dating apps can help connect people not only romantically, but they can also be a gateway for you to learn a foreign language

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Seeking a compatible partner

In some cases, individuals might feel like they haven't found what they're looking for in their country and see exploring international relationships as a way to find someone more compatible.

Some might find that they share more values and beliefs with individuals from other countries than with those from their own. 

Finally, some singles simply find people from certain cultures more attractive or appealing, whether it's because of physical features, personality traits, or lifestyle choices. 

Finding a deeper connection with someone abroad

In a 2023 survey among Bumble users, 53% said they were hoping for a holiday romance, and 52% said that dating abroad was a fun way to explore a new culture. 33% expressed openness to finding a partner outside their city, and 21% shared they were more attracted to people from a foreign country. 

The internet is the main source of information about traveling abroad, and talking to locals can help travelers uncover some gems. People are increasingly turning to dating apps to connect with others and get tourist advice.  

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Digging more information to explore new destinations

Dating apps a great way to meet locals, through whom travelers and hopeful singles can find helpful information about the new country and its treasures, which aren't necessarily listed on mainstream travel sites. Locals know the most about these hidden gems.

You can schedule dates between sightseeing and get a potential partner to show you around.

A study in Finland analyzed how women are using dating apps in what researchers termed “female dating app tourism.”

The study shed light on how apps can be helpful for women traveling abroad. It found that women traveling solo were effectively expanding their social networks through dating apps like Tinder. 

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Exchanging ideas

Beyond meeting someone for dinner or drinks, apps can help adventurous singles explore a new location. You can talk about your connection's favorite places in the city, which restaurants serve the freshest seafood, the best places to enjoy a drink, the best bookstores, etc.

Some people have been able to map out an entire itinerary this way. You can go to some sites with your potential partner and to others alone. It will open up the country for you in ways you can never discover without the match.


The idea of a long-distance or international relationship is often adventurous and exciting. It adds an element of mystery and spontaneity to romance.

With advancements in technology and the relative ease of travel, people now have greater opportunities to meet and connect with others from across the globe.


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