Hopping Feet for the Lovebirds!

Back at The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. this Friday! 😀

This time, I want to introduce you all to another travel blogger who claims herself not only a storyteller, but also an adventure lover: Medha Varma from Hopping Feet.

Medha is not the only one maintaining the blog because her husband, Mohit, also plays a quite big role on this blog. Once college sweethearts, now they have been married for 6 years with a lot of traveling stories to share.

The first impression that I got when I landed on their page is one: this is just not a typical couple travelers’ blog that only show off the picture perfect of getting together in some exotic place.

This blog is something else! 😀

Meet Them: Medha and Mohit from the Hopping Feet!

hopping feet1 (2)
The picture of these two lovebirds. 😉

When asked the reason why they have named their blog Hopping Feet, Medha’s answer is quite simple, the name reflects Medha and Mohit as a couple. Two restless people who are always looking for an opportunity to travel, the love hopping around from one place to another. Hence, the name. 😉

Both of them have full-time jobs in the corporate world in Dubai, so the time is restricted for them to travel. However, they always make sure to spare some time to have some short getaway from their job.

Medha is the writer (and mostly photographer) of the two, while Mohit has a better memory to reminisce what has happened in their journey to transform into a piece of writing that Medha posted on the blog.

Apart from that, they make the best travel partners as Medha obviously pays attention in details with her tendency to plan the whole trip, while Mohit usually just follows his beloved wife.

I mean, a lot of husbands do that right? We women have that special skill to make those men have no choice but say yes and follow us. 😛

What’s On Hopping Feet and Why?

Medha has started Hopping Feet for less than a year, but it has a pretty good amount of blog posts so far, especially those focusing on budget short-term travel.

Why? Simply because they have limited time and so their guides are for people who want to cover maximum ground in minimum time and on a tight budget.

Honestly, as someone who has worked in a corporate job myself, I could totally relate to their mission. 😀

hopping feet1 (1)

Oh, Places They’ve Been To…

Despite they only started the blog earlier this year, they’ve got numerous posts with versatile destinations as they’ve been to some countries in 5 continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and the down-under Australia and New Zealand.

From all places that they have visited, when I asked them about their most memorable traveling experience, pretty much like most people who have been to New Zealand, they said that the road trip in the land of Kiwi is the answer.

According to Medha, they stopped every few minutes at almost every corner just to take in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand. Despite I’ve never been to New Zealand, I think those who have would probably agree with the statement. 🙂

When asked the places they would like to recommend to visit for others, Medha confidently answered these three countries: New Zealand, Norway and Maldives because each of these countries has beautiful landscapes that cannot be described in words.

hopping feet1 (4)

One word that sums up what travel means to Medha: JOURNEY

Have you been to those countries? Do you agree or disagree? Comment below if you have any opinion towards this statement! 😉

What’s Next? 

Hopping Feet is currently planning their trip to Austria for White Christmas, as Medha has always wanted a snowy white Christmas while she has heard that the Christmas markets in Austria are also some of the best in Europe.

When she mentioned Austria though, my memory brought back to my ex-boyfriend who’s currently residing there. Oops. *crying at the corner because I have to spend Christmas alone this year 🙁

The BeauTraveler on Hopping Feet

First of all, I love their logo! 😀

hopping feet1 (3)

Other than that, when I checked out their destination, I was totally jealous that they have Croatia on their list. Those who are a frequent reader of my blog, you probably know that Croatia has always been on my list ever since I was 12!

Now that Serbia declared free travel visa for Indonesian passport, I really have to consider a Balkan trip like I have always wanted to since 16 years ago. I hate being broke, but anyway… One could dream. 🙂

I love their pictures and apart from that, despite the fact that they are couple travelers, their blog is not a typical couple travelers’ who would focus on the romantic getaway for couples to the point their posts make people like me feeling more lonely than I usually am.

Why? Because I strolled around the blog and I have found one post that has instantly become my favorite: Travelling solo – is it overrated?

It’s basically tips and trick to traveling solo, inspired by an incident whereby Medha had to continue traveling by herself as Mohit had an urgent last-minute work stuff to the point he had to leave earlier.

I know it’s probably irrelevant, but when I have a special someone on my own, I would probably need this. Like, now I get used to travel alone that I know I can do everything on my own. But when you have a husband back at home, you might have some other considerations and this post is kind of a fresh air for the wives out there who probably need a ‘break’ from their husband.

I mean, why not right? 😀

I love how Medha could balance thing up from being a part of the team, and a woman on her own. Way to go, girl!

So, that’s all about Hopping Feet. For you who are keen to know more about how to travel, be it as a couple or a solo traveler with your husband/wife at home without doing some monkey business in your destination, please do check their blog here and enjoy!

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