Hail Facebook and Internet that Make Stalking Possible!

I just finished getting my eyebrow done when I checked my Facebook messenger and got a notification that there was some message request from a name that I had never heard before.

As I have joined a lot of groups on Facebook recently, at first I thought that this message was just from some creep on the group where we are members. But then when I decided to open a message, I was a bit confused because although I’ve never heard the name of the sender, his message makes it sound that he actually knows me.

He even wrote his Whatsapp number, which is Singaporean and asked me to hit him up.



Well, it’s Singaporean number so I’m sure this guy must be someone that I have ever met before.

But Simon? At first, I can’t remember any Simon except one. And he was my flying mate in Jeddah. And we weren’t that close so I didn’t think it was him.

So like creepy normal people who stalk everyone on Facebook, I checked on his profile.

Yesterday he’s still got a profile picture when he sent me a message, and his picture kinda rang a bell although it wasn’t the face that I’d say hi the firsthand if I saw him somewhere.

Honey blond hair and blue eyes. Suddenly I could recall this freaking guy, although I wasn’t so sure.

Hail Facebook and Internet that Make Stalking Possible! - The BeauTraveler

Something Rings a Bell!

I mean, I know the other Simon, but it was a total random shit that I would probably forget if not because of this.

In fact, I have hooked up with one Simon almost 2 years ago when I recently moved to Jakarta. This Simon is a French guy I met, whose home base is currently in Singapore although he regularly travels for work. He also mentioned about him being a fan of Olympic Marseille.

We got connected through OKC and that was the only time we met. We only communicated through OKC without knowing anything about one and another, besides our first name and some brief story about our life.

And not so long after our first (and last!) encounter, I deleted my OKC account because I thought that there was really no point to meet more people through the app just for this kind of meaningless relationship while at the same time I thought there was a prospect with someone that broke my heart in the end.

Damn It, Facebook and Internet!

So after considering to either reply the message or ignore it, I finally decided to just drop him a message only to make sure whether it was the guy in my head as I don’t know a lot of Simon in my life.


Long story short, yessss… It was him. And besides the fact that he came across as a creep although thank God he’s hot, another thing that I realized was that you just can’t hide anything on the internet!

I mean, you can’t hide behind the www expecting no one couldn’t find anything about you.

Let alone to hide it from your potential employer if you’re looking for a job, you can’t simply just flee from the guy you randomly hooked up almost 2 years ago!


I mean, well… I had a lot of fun to the point that I simply couldn’t remember with whom I had fun with, one by one. And this Simon was the case why I didn’t remember him the first place. 😛

I felt so bad, but then I am more concerned about how I think there’s no such thing as privacy when it comes to social media and the internet in general.

Two Sides of The Same Coin: Losing Privacy but Getting Reconnected with People!

I mean, if I remember since the first day I decided to sign up on Facebook, a lot of things happened.

It’s not like I could get found easily on Facebook because I put my profile opened for the public to see. I ain’t no celebrity.

I set my whole profile on private, from Facebook to Instagram, I get everything locked just because. So I was so sure that no one could actually find me that easily.

At least, not the random guy I hooked up with almost 2 years ago through OKC. Boy, was I wrong! 😛


Now that I think about it, I think the whole drama nowadays start on the internet ever since we’ve got Facebook.

For example, me.

I met my childhood sweetheart through Facebook 10 years ago and we ended up dating during university year. When we finally broke up, I just hurt myself through stalking his profile from time to time.

The same thing happened recently when the guy I thought I would have a potential future with decided to stop talking to me because there was some other girl. Some other girl who also messaged me through Facebook messenger.

And now this, when I had to reconnect with some random guy I hooked up with 2 years ago? Funny how the internet could make everything happen. From stalking people to reconnecting, to the point I somehow think privacy is just a myth in the era of social media.

Social Media: Use It Wisely!

Well, when I write this, I’m sure a lot of you who come across to my page will agree that at some point in our life, we think we deserve to get hired by FBI for our ability to stalk some people online. 😛

Come on, I can’t be the only one!

But I think, there’s also one thing that we should not forget about ourselves on the internet: now that we know how easy it is to find people’s information on the internet, maybe next time we should use social media wisely to avoid any unwanted incident.

I mean, of course, I wouldn’t mind the guy that hooked up with me reached me out on Facebook because he was hot. But other than that, there’s always the worst possibility, and I don’t want the real creep to follow me around.

Not on the internet, or even worse in my real life.

So, how do you use social media? Do you put all your accounts on profile? If so, have you got any ‘creepy’ or ‘interesting’ experience about how easy it was to stalk people online?

I’ll hear you out, drop your comment below and cheerio! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Hail Facebook and Internet that Make Stalking Possible!”

  1. Oh yeah that is a bit creepy!
    And facebook stalking some guy you used to know… I know that too well, it’s really hard to resist the urge, because, you know you can do it in just 2sec… Not to mention the tendency of Facebook to remind you of this guy’s birthday when you had actually managed to not think about him for 6 months in a row ^^
    But there’s is the reconnecting part, as you mentioned it, so.. I guess we still find Facebook more helpful than bothering, or we would have stopped using it.

    Also, you mentioned you were a flight attendant in one of the texts.. Which airline did you work for? And was it a permanent position? Just asking because I was a flight attendant once too, over a summer and it was the best summer job ever ^^

    1. hi pauline, thanks for dropping by.. i know right? facebook stalking some guy you used to know (or have some kind of history whatsoever) is so easy that sometimes you think you could’ve block the profile but you wouldn’t just for the sake of it. 😛

      and yes, i used to work for an airline based in jeddah, saudi arabia. bummer, right? but it was an icelandic company, although i didn’t have some kind of fancy routes like paris or anything. most of them were just flights without layover, which were kind of exhausting. but it was great for some experience! 😀

  2. That was fun to read but eye-opening as hell! I remember once at college in a conference about the Internet this one sentence that was said: “You always leave a footprint on the Internet, no matter how hard you try to hide it or delete it.”

    And this is absolutely true. There’s even been cases of Facebook keeping files on you and there are tons of conspiracy theories, but I’m not going to go there. haha

    The truth is that we do have to be careful about what we put online, where we put it and who can see it (sometimes this is something that we can’t actually control)…

    As you said, glad this guy wasn’t bad intentioned and the story turned out to be funny instead of reaaaally scary!

    1. the statement is so close to home! i mean, back when i was in the university, i signed up this academic site where enables us to upload our paper for next person’s reference whatsoever. i was young and stupid that i have actually uploaded my resume there. now everytime i came across that profile, it was just painfully embarrassing to see my resume with lack of design skill. lol. i want to delete it, but guess what? i lost my password to access the site so i think it’s gonna be there forever! 🙁

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