What You Could Get in Groningen for $10 – 6 Fun, Budget-Friendly Things to Do Around the City

After covering various cities in the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to a few off-the-beaten-path destinations like Utrecht and Haarlem, today we're going back to the Netherlands to see how far you could get in one of the cities there under $10. This time, we're going to the north and explore a few budget-friendly things to do in Groningen! 

This week, we have Cynthia and Alexander from Travel Your Memories to share their experience exploring the city for under $10. Read on to find out a few budget-friendly activities in Groningen! 

Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the Northern Part of the Netherlands

Groningen is a city in the north of the Netherlands that is great to visit. Most people who travel to the Netherlands immediately think of Amsterdam, however, the Netherlands has more cities that are worth to be discovered. Groningen is one of them!

There are a lot of things to do in Groningen, from a beautiful historic city center to a special culture. Groningen is a typical Dutch city where mass tourism has not yet developed.

What can you buy for $10 in Groningen? First of all, it is important to know that in the Netherlands payment is made with €. In August 2021, the exchange rate was $10 = €8.50.

There are a lot of activities you can do in Groningen for €8.50. This is because many great sights in Groningen are free.

Groningen train station.

Did you know?

Aletta Jacobs, the first woman who graduated from a Dutch university, was granted to participate academically at the University of Groningen after writing a letter to Prime Minister Thorbecke in 1870. Later she studied medicine at the university, and opened a free clinic for women and children care in 1882.

1. Visit the Martinitoren

The best activity is to visit the Martinitoren. This is the icon of Groningen and is located on the Grote Markt. You can climb the Martinitoren from where you have a beautiful view of the city. You can get a token for €7.50 at the Groninger store.

2. Visit various exhibitions at the Forum

Another top activity is visiting the Forum. This is an activity center where you can visit various exhibitions. The best thing about the Forum is that you have a breathtaking view of the city from the roof terrace.

Canals in Groningen, Netherlands.
Canals in Groningen, Netherlands.

3. Stroll Around Hoge der A

Another fun free activity is going to the Hoge der A. This is an area with warehouses and canals that you can compare with Amsterdam. For many travelers, this is one of the most beautiful sights of Groningen. Nice area to walk around and to enjoy everything you see.

4. Explore Hofjes for free

In Groningen there Hofjes, these are small courtyards where less fortunate people used to be sheltered. These courtyards are now habitable for everyone and are one of the most authentic places to visit. You can get a Hofjes hike map for free at the Groninger store.

Prinsentuin in Groningen, Netherlands.
Prinsentuin in Groningen, Netherlands.

5. Stop by Prinsentuin and explore it for free

Another fun activity (free) is visiting the Prinsentuin. In the 17th century, the Princes of Nassau enjoyed their free time here. Today it can be visited by everyone. If you want a nice place to have a drink, you can go to Theeschenkers.

6. Experience the Dutch culture at the Vismarkt

If you want to learn more about Dutch culture, visiting a market is recommended. In our opinion, the Vismarkt is the best market to visit. This is because the market is surrounded by beautiful buildings, it is next to the Aa-kerk and it is pleasantly busy. Have you ever heard of haring? This is a typical Dutch snack, a fatty fish that you can eat with onions. You can buy a herring for €3.50

As you can see in Groningen are many activities that you can do under $10 / €8.50. If you want to know more about Groningen, read here: 25 best activities in Groningen.

Contributor: Cynthia & Alexander from Travel Your Memories

Cynthia & Alexander are adventure travel bloggers from Travel your Memories. They travel the world and share all the tips to inspire and help you plan your trips.

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