What You Could Get In West Australia For $10 – Cape Arid National Park

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After last week we talked about what you could spend $10 in London, this time we will go to the down-under to talk about what you could get in the western part of Australia. 🙂

So this time, thanks to Keshia from Solo Travelling Girl, who took some time to write on the piece on what you could get for $10 in West Australia.

So, how does she spend $10 in the down-under, and how can you spend yours? Check it out!

What You Could Get in West Australia for $10

A journey to a national park or a trip to supermarket? The choice is yours!

Of course, for $10 you can purchase a lot, but also nothing…

Almost everybody says that Australia is a pretty expensive country.

I agree, if you visit it as a tourist, it is an expensive country. However, if you live and work here, it is not that expensive as the minimum wage is around $18 AUD or around $14.19 USD per hour.

However, most jobs reward the higher wages. For example, my wages have always been around $23 AUD per hour. I live in Australia and on my type of visa, I am allowed to work fulltime.

I live my life a little bit differently over here. I am in Australia to travel and do a minimum amount of work just to fund my travel over here. You will understand that I always live on a tight budget.

For me, freedom, culture, nature and people are the most important things in life. These 4 things don’t cost a lot of money at the most.

To get to visit a lot of national parks in the down-under, you pay a relatively low entrance fee. In Western Australia, the fee for most parks is around $13 AUD (around $10.5 USD).

For this, you will have access to the park from 12 to 24 hours. For the amount of money, you can hike, drive, fish, relax and go to beautiful beaches the whole day. You will also see a lot of wildlife and not so many people around.

The vegetation and the wildlife are protected and the park is clean and warded by rangers.

Visiting a national park is one choice that you can always opt for $10 USD in Australia. However, if you go to the supermarket, your $10 USD will be spent pretty quickly as the price of groceries is quite high approximately as below:

  • 2 takeaway coffee – $10 AUD (around $7.88 USD)
  • 500ml extra virgin olive oil – $10 AUD (around $7.88 USD)
  • 1 kg of chicken – $17 AUD (around $13.39 USD)
  • 500 grams of almond – $13 AUD (around $10.24)

Since I am currently in Australia, I mostly eat vegetarian food. Not because I don’t want to eat meat anymore, but because it is so bloody expensive.

I’d rather eat dry bread and drink water just so I can spend my money to visit some national park.

If you were in Australia, where would you spend your money on? A journey to a national park, or a trip to supermarket? 😉

Contributor: Keshia from Solo Travelling Girl

A Dutch girl who likes peanut butter & stroopwafels but nevertheless decided to leave the grey weather in the Netherlands behind to embark on a journey around the world. Excited to make new friends and explore other countries and cultures, while working abroad. 

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  1. I’ve never been to Australia, but it sounds like $10 for a day in the National Park doing a variety of activities is a definite no brainer, especially if you are there visiting with your family. I have a large family, so it sounds like this would be one way to make the trip affordable.

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