What You Could Get In Savannah For $10 – Tracing Back the History with the Money

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Welcome back to our own What You Could Get In The City For $10 series, this time we’re going back to the States to talk about how you could spend $10 in a city that I’m honestly not very familiar with.

When Ruby from A Journey We Love told me that she could cover Savannah, Georgia for the social experiment as she was going there with her husband, I honestly have no idea what it’s there in Savannah.

To be fair, when people might be more familiar with Georgia as one of the 50 states in ‘Murica, I’m actually more familiar with Georgia the country with Tbilisi as their capital city.

I really had no idea about anything in Savannah to the point that I had to google about the city. And apparently, it’s the oldest city in the state of Georgia as it was established in 1733  as well as a strategic port city in the American Revolution and during the American Civil War.

So, what can you do with $10 in the city?

What You Could Get in Savannah for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Getting to Know the Oldest City in Georgia with $10!

The United States of America is quite an expensive country to live in or travel to if you are from the Philippines (like I am). In my country, $10 can take you a long way. In the USA, not so much.

On the recent St. Patrick’s Day trip to Savannah, unfortunately your $10 will not get you very far. That $10 is only half of the parking fee you’ll end up paying if you are driving to the city.

The same $10 is also enough for a cover charge to two pubs ($5 entrance each), and maybe a beer if you buy it on the kiosk outside.

It’s enough for a snack at one of the food vendors on River Street, or for 2 clearance t-shirts at one of the souvenir stores, or 2 magnets. You can also buy a combination of Gatorades and water in case you get too intoxicated from the festivities.

Wormsloe Historic Site Trees.

However, $10 is also enough for an entrance fee to Wormsloe State Historic Park, which is known for its beautiful Oak Avenue, mature oak trees lined with Spanish moss on both sides of the street. Within the park, you can see tabby ruins and see what life was like in Savannah in the 1800s.

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  1. Mayra, the park is beautiful! I have never visited Savannah before, even though I live in the States. I would love to visit the Wormsloe State Historic Park just for the beautiful scenery! I love trees.

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