What You Could Get In Queenstown For $10 – How to Explore an Overpriced City on a Budget

Back again at $10, yay… Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😀

So, if you asked me one of the countries that’s on top 10 bucket list to visit before I die, without hesitation I’d say New Zealand is one of them. Being a broke Indonesian myself, New Zealand sounds a little too dreamy. Like so close, yet so far…

I mean, geographically, the map of New Zealand is only a few centimeters away from here. But to get there for real though, with the necessity of visa application because of my weak passport and the idea of it being so expensive despite its beauty… God knows at what point in my life that I could afford to visit the country.

So, when Bailey from Destinationless Travel sent her piece on Queenstown for the $10 series, I was so ecstatic!

What You Could Get in Queenstown for $10 - The BeauTraveler

So, What’s More than Just Sitting by the Lake with the Stunning View?

Queenstown is the most popular tourist spot in all of New Zealand, and for good reason – it is simply stunning!

Sitting right on the lake with mountains surrounding it, this gorgeous town is the perfect place for visitors to see some of the most breathtaking spots in New Zealand.

But, all of this beauty comes with a price tag. Queenstown is known to be expensive and overpriced. However, I have been living in Queenstown for 6 months now and have discovered lots of things that are possible to buy and to do for less than $10 USD!

These are my recommendations.

1. Eat Fergburger

Fergburger is likely the most famous restaurant in all of New Zealand. This small little shop sells hundreds of burgers every hour, and they are delicious!

During the busy seasons, the line to order a burger will stretch for blocks, but the wait is worth it.

Fergburger – Credit: Destinationless Travel

Not only is Fergburger delicious, but it is a famous thing for tourists to do. If you walk by Fergburger on any give day, you will see tons of tourists taking selfies with the burgers. A classic Fergburger rings in at only $8 USD!

2. Visit the Underwater Observatory

Right in the center of town along the lake, there is the Underwater Observatory.

For only $7 USD, you walk down a staircase and you will find yourself underneath the lake’s surface. Through the glass windows, you can see all of the underwater life around you.

Mind you, this is not Loch Ness Monster. This is New Zealand! – Credit: Destinationless Travel

The last time I was there, I actually saw an eel swimming right up to the glass!

3. Have Drinks with a View

Queenstown boasts some of the best sunsets!

Get yourself set up in one of the many bars with a view of the lake and mountains, and enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand. It is common during happy hours to get a pint of beer or a glass of wine for less than $4 USD!

There is actually even a “floating bar”, which is a bar on a boat that offers drinks for that price!

4. Take Public Transit to Access Literally Dozens of Hikes

In Queenstown, you can get the local bus for less than $2 USD, and it takes you all over Queenstown and neighboring towns. In this area, there are so many incredible hikes that you can do for FREE!

Free hike, anyone? – Credit: Destinationless Travel

Some of the most famous day hikes that you can get to easily with public transport are “The Big Hill” in Arrowtown, “Tiki Trail” in Queenstown, and the Moonlight Track in Arthurs Point.

For a full list of hikes around Queenstown, just visit the Department of Conservation tourist office right in town, they are a free service that will tell you where all the best spots are and how to get there with public transport.

The best way to experience Queenstown is to get out and enjoy your surroundings. And the best part is, everything in nature is free… Queenstown is a gorgeous place, and it is possible to explore it on a budget!

Queenstown Hill Hike – Credit: Destinationless Travel

Contributor: Dan and Bailey from Destinationless Travel 

Dan and Bailey are from different corners of the world, naturally met while traveling. Daniel is from Australia and Bailey is from Canada. As a couple, their biggest common interest has always been travel and their sense of adventure. They travel on a budget, like a good party, and they definitely are suckers for a funny travel story.

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6 thoughts on “What You Could Get In Queenstown For $10 – How to Explore an Overpriced City on a Budget”

  1. Wonderful ideas. I did not realize that there a lot of “cheap thrills” in Queenstown. I was also holding back visiting New Zealand due to budget constraints but I guess it going to be worth it and attainable with all of these options. 🙂

  2. Great list! I went to Queenstown a couple of years ago and it was incredibly expensive… I remember Fergburger being more than $10 also! Maybe it’s changed now. Great that you’re sharing a lovely place 🙂

  3. I absolutely love posts like this one – remember Rachael Ray’s travel show where she would eat places for less then $10 a day… I can’t remember what it’s called though lol. I often shy away from public transportation but its such a great way to save money!

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