What You Could Get in Perth for $10 – Things to Do on the Budget Around Fremantle and Beyond

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It's the second post of the $10 series this year, and we're going to cover a city in the down-under. The capital city of Western Australia, Perth, is a city that I had been longing to cover. 

One of my best friends moved there, and even though I've never been there, I'd love to come for a visit one day. 

Today, Victoria of Guide Your Travel will share with us how far you could get around Perth for just $10 USD. So, what could you get in Perth within the budget? 

Things to Do and Where to Go Around Australia on the Budget

Australia is not a cheap country. The unfortunate truth is that $10 USD (which is around $14 AUD) won't get you very far in most Australian cities. However, Perth has some great free activities so even if you're traveling on a budget you won't miss out.

Perth Beach.

Did you know?

Distance-wise, Perth is closer to Bali in Indonesia than the capital Canberra. The average flight from Perth to Bali usually takes only around 3 hours, while it takes around 4 hours to the capital city of Australia.

The good news is that for around $2-$3 AUD, you can catch a bus to take you almost everywhere in the city.

Must-Visit Places Around Perth

Definitely head to one of the famous beaches in Perth like Cottesloe Beach, Leighton Beach, or Scarborough Beach for some surfing or swimming. Plus visiting the beach in Perth is completely free and won't hurt your budget. Afterward, you can grab some ice cream from a local shop for around $3.

Next, you can head into the city centre and go vintage shopping in the hip Northbridge area. Here you'll find the best second-hand shops with clothing for as little as $1. What better way to spice up your vacation wardrobe on a budget!

Don't forget to grab a happy hour beer in Northbridge for only $5.

Perth Park.
Perth Park.

Head to the popular King's Park for some of the best views of the city. Again, a free activity to do in Perth and no need to spend any money.

If you're still up for some exploring you can go to Heirisson Island which is a popular city park with wild kangaroos. Go for a hike and have a picnic which won't cost you more than around $8.

Things to Do Around Fremantle Under $10

Fremantle is a little beach-side neighbourhood away from the city centre of Perth. This is a popular backpacker's area so you can get great deals on affordable food and drinks here.

For around $10 AUD, you can often find a lunch deal served with a drink which is a great price for Perth.

The good news is that most activities in Fremantle are free. Visit the Shipwreck Museum or the Fremantle Art Gallery without having to strain your budget.

Don't forget to go to the historic Fremantle Prison which is also free to visit if you don't do a tour. Then there is of course the popular Bather's Beach which is one of the best in all of Perth.

Another great place to visit in Fremantle are the Fremantle Markets. This indoor food and souvenir market has an amazing selection of fresh produce and local artisanal products which make great presents.

You can get small items for around $5 or you could choose not to spend anything and just look around. Or explore more with this 5-day itinerary to Perth!

Contributor: Victoria from Guide Your Travel

Victoria is a 23-year-old lady who grew up in Germany. She's currently studying at a university in Scotland hoping to get her bachelor's degree this year. Full-time travel is her goal, although it's only on-and-off at the moment.

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