What You Could Get in Munich for $10 – 15 Things to Do to Explore the City on the Budget

Munich was one of the cities in the world that I'd like to cover in my $10 series, and I'm glad that I could finally say that we're going to talk about Munich this week!

As a football fan, my head will go toward Bayern Munich for anything related to Bundesliga. FC Hollywood, simply because they're full of star players. And I can only imagine that the city can be super expensive since they're basically full of costly players on the city's club.

So this week, thanks to LeAnna of Wander in Germany, we're going to explore the city and see at least 15 things to do in the city for less than $10!

10+ Budget-Friendly Things to Do While Traveling in Munich

Today, Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany to rent or own an apartment. However, for the average traveler visiting Germany, it is still absolutely possible to see Munich on a budget! For example, for the perfect 3 Days In Munich, you can actually do a lot of it for free!

Germany, like much of the EU and Western Europe uses the Euro. Currently, at the time of writing (2021), 1 US Dollar equals about 83 Euro Cents. Therefore $10 is about €8.32. Luckily, Germany is still an extremely affordable country, so $10 can get you a long way!

Pints of Bavarian Beer.

Did you know?

One of the most popular festivals in Germany, Oktoberfest is one of the city entities. In Bavaria, the German state where Munich is the capital, beer is considered a food with the 500-year-old Beer Purity Law still in effect throughout Germany.

Here 15 Things to do in Munich for $10 or less!

1. Get a Day Ticket on Public Transportation.

For €7.90 (just under $10) you can get an all day ticket that gets you anywhere within Munich on the public transportation systems (Ubahn, Sbahn, buses and trams).

2. Order a Maß of Beer from the Hofbrauhaus.

For a half Maß (liter) of Bavarian beer, you can pay about 6 Euro (a little over 7 USD). For a few bucks more, you might as well grab one of those delicious, huge Brez'n!

3. Sip on a Local Beer.

If you are looking for substantially cheaper beer, just go to any grocery store and you can get a bottle of fantastic German beer for under a Euro each.

4. Stop by Munich Residence.

For 9 Euro (just a little over $10) you can get into the huge, elaborate, and gorgeous Munich Residence, right in the heart of the Altstadt

5. Find an Eis Shop.

Ice cream is often as low as one euro per scoop! That's a lot of ice cream to be bought for $10!!! And the best part is there are ice cream shops ALL over!

6. Enjoy the View of the Nymphenburg Palace.

The Nymphenburg Palace is a beautiful Schloss on the outskirts of Munich with stunning outdoor gardens. It's only 6 Euro (Just over $7) for the entrance fee and well worth a visit.

7. Visit the Alte Pinakothe.

This is one of Munich's most famous and loved art museums. While it typically costs for €8.80 for the entrance fee, on Sundays, it's only €1!!!

8. Splurge at the Bakery.

Find a local bakery and you can get plenty of goodies for way less than $10. A single pastry will typically only be a few Euro. A fresh pretzel is typically around €1-1.50 Euro each and an artisan style sandwich will only be around 3-5 Euros.

9. Walk the Altstadt.

One of the most popular things to visit in Munich is the Marienplatz, with it's towering Glockenspiel right in the heart of the Altstadt.

Within just a few minutes of walking you can also see the famous Frauenkirche, the Viktuals Market and so much more…all for free!

10. Shop at a Local Grocery Store for Food.

The food in Germany is generally extremely affordable. One thing that Germans love to buy is fresh fruit!

If you are looking for seasonal fruit, you can get a TON for $10. For example, a package of strawberries in season can be as low as just a few dollars! Eggs are about €3-5 for 10 eggs and a carton of milk is often right around €1-1.50!

11. Grab a Bottle of Wine.

Germany isn't JUST the land of beer. There are some really fantastic, local wines as well.

Head to the wine section of a local grocery store and for as low as 4 Euro, you can get a really high quality bottle of wine to take on a picnic at the English Gardens!

12. Walk the English Gardens.

If you are looking for a completely free activity, just head to the HUGE English Gardens (bigger than New York's Central Park).

Here, you can find wonderful Bier Gartens, watch surfers on the Eisbach River, find the nude section of sun bathers, or just go for a nice. leisurely walk.

13. Chow Down on a Doner.

A Doner is just one of the many delicious foods to eat in Germany. For $10 you can get yourself a Doner and some pommes (fries) and still have some change leftover.

14. Take a Free Walking Tour.

There are several companies that now offer free walking tours, particularly of the highlights of the Altstadt. You simply pay what you feel the tour was worth afterward. If it was a very good tour, $10 per person is perfect.

15. Slow Down with a Coffee.

Germans love sitting a cafe and sipping on a cappuccino. Find a spot that has outdoor seating and just watch the world go by like a local! A fancy coffee will cost you less than 5 Euro.

Munich is the perfect city just for wandering. If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy that classic Bavarian culture and enjoy all that the city has!

LeAnna from Wander in Germany.

Contributor: LeAnna from Wander in Germany.

LeAnna Brown is a former teacher, current travel addict, and forever Mama. When not traveling the world with her family, she is living her best expat life in Germany. If you can't find her at a local Christmas Market or Biergarten, then try looking for her at a German Spa/Sauna taking a “Mom's Day.” You can get fabulous German itineraries, German travel tips, and anything else Germany travel related at her blog.

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