What You Could Get in Minneapolis for $10 – What to Explore the City in a Day

After covering Miami a few weeks ago, let's go back to the USA for this week's $10 series. The city we're gonna cover this week is one in the state of Minnesota.

Yep, we're flying to the midwestern part of the USA to find out what you could get in Minneapolis for $10. Thanks to Danielle of Rambling Companion, who grew up in the city and decided to share a piece of her hometown in the series. 

So, what could you get in Minneapolis for $10?!

Exploring Lakes and Everything Else Around Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota is known for it's beautiful lakes, nice people and the Mall of America.

While you're visiting, the best way to spend $10 is eating a Juicy Lucy. This legendary cheeseburger was born in Minnesota in the 1950s and remains a local favorite.

To build your appetite for the famous Juicy Lucy, spend your day at one of the many free attractions in Minneapolis.

Juicy Luicy, the locals' favorite.

Walk around the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes. Fun fact: Minnesota actually has 11,842 lakes, but that didn't have the same ring to it.

The Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park encompasses five lakes connected by walking and biking paths.

Lake Harriet, Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun), Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, and Brownie Lake are great locations for a leisurely stroll, kayak adventure or picnic.

Hike through Minnehaha Regional Park

A stunning 53-foot waterfall is the highlight of this Minneapolis park. Additional features within the park include a wading pool, disc golf course and hiking trails.

While some attractions are seasonal, the frozen falls attract several bundled up visitors even in the coldest months!

Explore the Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country.

In a partnership between the Walker Art Museum and the Minneapolis Park Board, more than 40 pieces of artwork are displayed throughout 11 acres of land.

Specifically, the Spoonbridge and Cherry has become a local icon.

Cherry on a spoon sculpture at the Sculpture Garden.

Get Cultured at Minneapolis Institute of Art

Home to over 80,000 works of art covering 5,000 years of history, the Minneapolis Institute of Art is a world-class art gallery and museum.

Not only is general admission free to the public, but the museum also offers free tours daily. Tour times and the artwork highlighted vary from day-to-day. No advance registration is required.

Admire the Grandiose of the Mall of America

An entire day could be spent exploring the Mall of America as it is the largest mall in America. Even if you don't like shopping, it is worth a visit to see the theme park in the center of the mall. Minnesota's largest aquarium is also located within the mall and a movie theater!

Finally, Spend $10 on a Juicy Lucy Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club both claim to be the home of the Juicy (or Jucy) Lucy.

Matt's bar claims to have made a spelling error on the first menu and kept it as Jucy Lucy. Both cheese-filled burgers are delicious, and it is a hotly contested subject between Minnesotans on which burger is better.

Personally, I prefer the 5-8 Club, but I promise, you can't go wrong either way. Enjoy your weekend in my home state!

Contributor: Danielle from Rambling Companion. 

Rambling Companion is a travel website featuring destination highlights, itineraries, and travel tips. Danielle Mondus, the writer behind it is based out of Chicago, IL. She enjoys taking cooking classes, exploring breweries, and hiking while traveling. You'll find she often writes about these topics on her blog. 

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