What You Could Get in Miami for $10 – How to Have a Great Time at the Center of Cuban Culture in the U.S.A

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Anyway, some time last year I had a post about why and what you could do in Miami for a luxurious travel experience. But today, we’re going to talk about the city from a tight budget perspective on the $10 series.

Thanks to Talek, we’ll find out what you could do in Miami, Florida on the budget. So, here we go! 🙂

Exploring a Little Taste of Cuba in Little Havana

Here’s how you spend $10 in a fascinating city like Miami and have a great time.

First, head to Calle Ocho (eighth street) in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. This is the center of Cuban culture in the United States. There are tons of fun things to do there if you can manage to sidestep the tour buses with tourists from Sheboygan to Shanghai.

Little Havana, Miami.

Little Havana

Get to Little Havana early to make sure you maximize your time.

First get yourself a delicious ice cream cone at Azucar, a Cuban-American ice cream shop selling flavors derived from Cuban culture. Try the Abuela Maria (Grandma Maria) flavor, or the sweet plantain or the domino (cookies and cream) flavors.

A $4.50 expense will get you a delicious scoop and an introduction into flavors you never tasted but now can’t live without. Only the best tropical fruits are used like papaya, mango, soursop, coconut and more.

Make the Best Out of Calle Ocho

Go next door to the cigar shop and sample cigars from the best tobacco farms on the planet. The shops also have local original art and cool bars.

For a feel of Cuban history walk down the Cuban Memorial Park on 13th Avenue and see memorials to the Bay of Pigs, Jose Marti, the father of the Cuban Revolution and others offering a peek into Cuban history

Continue wandering Calle Ocho and listen to music at Ball and Chain, a cool bar with outside seating where the music is hot and the mojtos are cold.

Miami City at night.

Don’t Leave Without Souvenirs!

Make sure to make time to visit al the local stores and art galleries selling Cuban-American art and artifacts. There are many galleries lining the street and offering original art especially on the first Friday of every month, otherwise known as Cultural Fridays.

Don’t forget to end your tour with a Cafecito (Cuban coffee) at any one of the local restaurants that sell coffee from a window stand for a couple of dollars. My favorite restaurants are Esquisito or Versailles. A couple of dollars will open your eyes to the world’s best coffee.

Contributor: Talek Nantes from Travel With Talek.

Talek’s mother was pregnant with her when she was traveling from Cuba to New York City, where she was born. Growing up and getting used to traveling herself, she wants to share experiences and inspires through her blog. 

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