What You Could Get in Marrakesh for $10 – 4 Things to Do on the Budget in Morocco’s 4th Largest City

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In case you didn't know, in 2018 during the World Cup held in Russia, I wrote a series about the participating countries in which one of of them was about Morocco when I mentioned that the name of Morocco was actually based on Marrakesh, the 4th largest city in the country.

And this week, thanks to Martina and Jürgen from PlacesofJuma, we're going to talk about the city of Marrakesh or Marrakech. The former capital city under the Almoravid dynasty and Almohad Caliphate.

So, what could you get in Morocco for $10?!

How to Spend $10 USD in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakesh is a really beautiful city in Morocco and certainly one of the most popular destinations in the country. There are so many things to do in Marrakech and with only $10, which is about MAD 95, you can easily spend an exciting day.

Marrakesh, Morocco.

Did you know?

It is forbidden to cut the palm trees in Marrakesh. The law on palm trees formally prohibits destroying them under penalty of MAD 5,000 per palm! That being said, don't be surprised if you could see some random palm tree in the middle of some highways in Marrakesh!

Djemaa el Fna

The best way to start your day in Marrakesh is with a walk through the city. The old town is surrounded by a mighty city wall and ancient gates allow access.

A perfect starting point is the Bab Agnaou, the so-called Gate of the Blacks, an important attraction of the city. From here, head to Djemaa el Fna, the world-famous market square where you can watch snake charmers, drummers, and fortune tellers at work.

But be aware, if you are not careful here, then $10 USD can be gone in no time!

Our tip: Don't buy anything and decline everything with thanks. The best way to watch this crazy hustle and bustle is from one of the cozy roof terraces. Here you can order a pot of Moroccan mint tea or a healthy, freshly squeezed orange juice for only USD 0.70 and enjoy an amazing view for free!

Marrakesh, Morocco.
Marrakesh, Morocco. ©Jürgen Reichenpfader

A budget lunch in Marrakech

After sightseeing, it's time for having lunch. If you are ever in this country, you should definitely try a Tagine.

This is a kind of stew that is prepared in ceramic or clay cookware. This local food is really cheap, yet very tasty. In a middle-class restaurant, you will pay only around $4.5 USD, plus a water or coke at $1 USD each.

In a local restaurant the price will be much cheaper – you choose, both options are great!

Shopping at the Bazaar

After that, we continue to the bazaar of Marrakesh.

A visit to this market is almost a must for every city trip. Here, too, you can theoretically spend well over $10 USD, but with a little negotiating skill you can also get some bargains.

Negotiating is a must in Morocco and actually, it belongs to a good tone. Just for a few dollars, you can get yourself a pretty souvenir. Especially cheap are spices and already for $2 USD, you can buy some delicious things at the market.

Bazaar of Marrakesh.
Bazaar of Marrakesh. Jürgen Reichenpfader

Eating ice cream in Marrakesh City

Many tourists visit Marrakesh mainly the old town, but also Marrakesh City is really worth seeing.

Here, you can shop until you drop and having some delicious desserts. Really good ice cream can be found in Cafe16.

Although this place is not quite cheap, a scoop of ice cream or something sweet can still be bought with the remaining $1.80 USD!

Contributor: Martina and Jürgen from PlacesofJuma

On PlacesofJuma, Martina & Jürgen write about their most beautiful trips around the globe. They love photography and are therefore always on the lookout for the most amazing places and locations.

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