What You Could Get In Macao For $10 – Asian Las Vegas on Budget

After exploring the world through this $10 series from Florianopolis to Queenstown in the past few weeks, let's go back to Asia! 😀

If you remember the post on Hongkong in the same series, you might still remember Winnie from MillionDollarWinnie. And Winnie is so generous not only to share one city to cover the $10 series, but two…

And this time, the other city (and the other special administrative region of the People's Republic of China) would be the city that is only an hour trip ferry from Hongkong, Macao!

You see, I always get conflicted between spelling it as Macao or Macau. But either way, the place is infamous as the Asian Las Vegas… Give me your two cents on how to spell it correctly while I share the tips from Winnie here! 😉

What You Could Get in Macao for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Try Your Luck to Turn Your $10 into $100!

Macao or Macau is Asia’s Las Vegas with its countless casinos, headliner acts and pay per view sporting events. So you’d think spending just $10 USD in this awesome city would be a challenge, but you’ll be surprised as to what you can get with so little.

Before it was the entertainment getaway in Asia, it was a Portuguese colony where Portuguese culture mixed with Chinese culture to produce the unique Macanese culture you can find in the old parts of Macau today.

Here are 3 things you can spend $10 USD in Macau and you won’t regret it.

Street Eats

Macau has a famous snack street, where you can eat from the beginning of the street, all the way to the bottom and not even pay a single penny. Why? Because they’re all samples for you to enjoy.

Taste the famous almond cookies, peanut candy, Chinese style pork jerky and many more. If you feel like eating more and taking some home, then why not buy some because your $10 USD won’t restrict you to anything here.

Another street close by will also have a lot of street food for a quick lunch. Don’t miss out on the Portuguese egg tarts and the black pepper pork buns.

Eat Traditional Macau-Styled Portuguese Food

$10 USD gives you $80 MOP and that’s actually a lot if you stay away from the restaurants near the casinos.

Head over to the old parts of Macau and find yourself among the cafes and Portuguese restaurants. Enjoy this distinct fusion of Macau history on your plate by going local and eating cheap.

Portuguese chicken rice is a classic that many nearby neighbours from Hong Kong enjoy a lot. But you should also try some of the many cured meat and chicken dishes as well.

Source: Pxhere.com

Take Your Chances with the Lady Luck

You can’t go to Macau without entering a casino, at least once. You won’t be going to the high stakes table, but you can actually have a great time with as little as $10 USD in some casinos. One the bigger casinos that are more friendly to casual players is the Venetian.

Play the roulette table, blackjack and have a field day at the slot machines. You never know, you might turn that $10 into $100.

Contributor: Winnie from MillionDollarWinnie

Winnie MD is a location independent entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. She’s been semi-nomadic since birth, spreading her childhood over 6 locations. Now as an adult, she’s taken her wanderlust to the next level and documents her pursuit of the ideal lifestyle on her blog. The blog covers all areas vital to her lifestyle design, Travel, Self-help, Finance, and Retirement.



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