What You Could Get in Krakow for $10 – When in Poland, Would You Choose Milk or Vodka?

If I looked back to when I got the first exposure of Poland, I think it was the fact that our flags are similar in terms of colors. The only difference is that Polish flag is basically the upside down version of Indonesian flag. No kidding, there was some antic happening during some sports event in the past few years about these flags.

Started in Kuala Lumpur 2017, where SEA Games 2017 was held and the host produced a booklet with Polish flag instead of Indonesian one in the content. Fast forward to 2018, during IAAF World U20 in Finland, no one predicted our sprinter Zohri would win to the point no one prepared our flag. And guess whose flag was used in the end? Of course, Polish flag it was!

Well, enough with the Indo-Polish flag similarity, because now on the $10 series this week, I’m going to cover one of the cities in Poland: Krakow. Now, now… Thanks to Deeptha and Bhavin from The Globe Trotter.

What You Could Get in Krakow for $10 - The BeauTraveler

If I got familiar with Poland because of the flag, the first time I heard about Krakow was probably due to their home team Wisla Krakow participating in European championship during my time wholeheartedly watching football games.

So, what’s more than Wisla Krakow in Krakow? And even, how far could you get with $10 in the city?!

The City to Visit When You’re Torn Between History and Bakery

Krakow is an incredibly beautiful Polish city. It is a city that has managed to survive the WWII bombing and hold on to its old world charm.

Krakow’s Old Town and Jewish Quarters were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites way back in 1978. And even today lakhs of visitors throng the city to experience and enjoy its well-preserved historic and architectural monuments.

The local currency in Poland is the Polish złoty (PLN). Based on the current exchange rates, $10 USD would work out to approximately 37.58 PLN. It may not sound like a lot of money, but with 37 PLN you can certainly do a lot of things in this Polish city.

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Here are some things you could do in Krakow within a budget of $10.

1. Enjoy Traditional Polish Dishes in a Polish Milk Bar

The Polish Milk Bars, or ‘bar mleczny‘ as they are referred to in the Polish language were first opened in the 1890s and aimed to serve relatively cheap and nourishing food (mostly dairy-based) to the working class.

Even today, these milk bars offer low-priced and super tasty menus. Prices range from 2.5 PLN to 12 PLN, which means you can enjoy a variety of filling dishes for $10 USD or less.

2. Visit Krakow’s Museums

Krakow has a number of museums, and 37 PLN will get you entry in many of them with some amount to spare.

Prices for an adult ticket are as follow:

  • Schindler’s Factory – 25 PLN
  • Stained Glass Museum – 35 PLN
  • St. Mary’s Basilica – 10 PLN
  • Rynek Underground Museum – 21 PLN
  • Wawel Castle State Rooms – 20 PLN (during summer) and/or 18 PLN (during winter)

3. Enjoy Polish Sweet Treats

Polish bakery.

Visit one of the many bakeries in the city and savor some of the yummiest sweet treats from Polish cuisine.

One serving of Kremowka budyniowa will cost you only 5.5 PLN as will a slice of the Wzi pastry.

4. Visit Krakow’s Bars and Pubs

The city is famous for its beers and vodkas, so don’t forget to head to one of the many drinking holes and enjoy some local drinks.

You could try the Grzaniec Galicyjski (a mulled wine with orange, raisins etc.) for 9 PLN or a local cider for 10 PLN.

Hot Beer in Krakow.

Contributor: Deeptha from The Globe Trotter

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