What You Could Get in Kalabaka for $10 – What’s More Than Meteora In This Small Town

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Time has passed so fast that we’re now already in mid-January. You know what that means? It’s only a month to go until my 30th birthday. I’m so getting ready to bid farewell to my 20s, but it’s not the case because we’re now back to the $10 series.

So, after we once talked about how you could spend your $10 in Athens, right now we’re going to some other place in Greece. And in this opportunity, I’m lucky to reconnect with Lindsay of Carpe Diem My Way as she volunteered to cover the town of Kalabaka in the country.

What You Could Get in Kalabaka for $10 - The BeauTraveler

UNESCO Heritage Site and So Much More!

Having never traveled much in the eastern part of Europe, I was surprised at how far $10 USD will go!

Our recent travels in France had me expecting to pay much more and we were all pleasantly surprised how far a dollar would go in the town of Kalabaka, which is below the UNESCO Meteora site.

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Food and Snacks

Firstly, food and snacks were very affordable compared to our Western Europe expectations.

Outside of our hotel, we found a fabulous coffee shop, and 4 of us had a light breakfast for €9 Euro. We got two of the most amazing tasting lattes for €2 Euro each, a muffin was only €1 Euro.

Grilled cheese, which my son was thrilled was served as a breakfast food was €2 Euro (and the cheese was to die for!) while two croissants only cost for €2 Euro.

For comparison, €1 Euro is almost equal to $1 USD.

Now yes, this is a light breakfast at a coffee shop, but in our hotel, it was €5 Euro per person for the breakfast, so two people could enjoy a typical Greek hotel breakfast for €10 Euro.

We also found that a typical restaurant on the main street had typical Greek dishes for the same amount.

Stay Connected with the Outside Town

I was also able to get a SIM card for a month of calling, texting, and 5GB data for just €8 Euro.

If you are looking for something similar in France, for example, it is one three times this price for a 2-week plan. I call it a win! For this, we got our sim card at Vodafone on the main street in Kalabaka.

What Else to Do in Kalabaka?

Kalabaka is well-worth a visit when you are in Greece. While many people will quickly head up the cliffs to Meteora, there is much to discover in this small town.

If you’re keen to do some shopping, you might as well want to check out what to buy in Greece.

Contributor: Lindsay from Carpe Diem My Way

Lindsay hails from Vancouver, Canada but has discovered she loves being a foreigner. She is spontaneous, loves travel, soccer, wine, photography and only recently discovered she loves to write. After intermittently journaling for most of her life and then talking about blogging since her first vacation as a family, she has finally put the plan into motion through Carpe Diem My Way. 

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