What You Could Get in Islamorada for $10 – Feeding Tarpon and Beyond!

It has been a while since the last time we covered the last city in the United States, Houston. Today, we’re going back to the States, particularly in Florida to see how far you could get around one of the places there.

Thanks to Vicky from Real Travels With V, this week we’re going to talk about what you could do in Islamorada for $10. Also, did you know that the name Islamorada means “Purple Island” as the name came early from back when the Spanish explorers came to the area?

What could you get there within the budget? Go check this one out! 😉

What You Could Get in Islamorada for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Things You Could Do Around Robbie’s in Islamorada

You are in Islamorada, Florida, one of the beautiful Florida Keys. In your pocket, you have $10. You ask yourself, “What can I do in Islamorada with a measly $10?”

Head over to Robbie’s. Robbie’s offers all sorts of activities including fishing charters, a restaurant, kayaking, parasailing, jet-ski adventures, a bar, shops, and more.

Here you will find one of the best, inexpensive things to do in Islamorada. Yet, this simple entertainment became a highlight of my Florida Keys vacation. I can guarantee it will be a highlight of your vacation, too.

Robbies, Islamorada.

The Story Behind Robbie’s and the Tarpons

What is it? Feeding tarpon!

It all started in 1976 with Robbie and his wife, Mona, helping an injured tarpon they found in the marina. They named him Scarface due to the scars left from his injuries. Robbie and Mona cared for Scarface for six months until he healed. They then released him back into the water.

Scarface continued to return to the docks where Robbie and Mona would feed him. Scarface would sometimes bring his friends and family with him. Years went by and more and more tarpon began frequenting the waters near the dock. Today, you will find more than 100 tarpons that return to the dock daily and stay for hours hoping for a snack. The caring hands of Robbie and Mona have put Robbie’s on the map as one of the top Islamorada attractions.

Feeding the tarpons at Robbie’s.

Feeding the Tarpons at Robbie’s

As you walk out to the dock to begin your adventure, the pelicans will be first to greet you. They waddle around hoping you throw them a snack from your bucket of fish. Then as you look out into the water, you will see the hungry tarpon. There are hordes of tarpon swarming around the dock! These “Silver Kings” are an amazing sight to see!

After spending some time walking around the dock in awe at the tarpon, it is time to feed them. You can simply stand there, throw a fish out and watch the tarpon eat it. Or, for some added excitement, get down on your belly and hold the fish out over the water and watch. It won’t take long, and a tarpon will jump up out of the water and grab that fish right out of your hand! It is a little intimating because these “Silver Kings” are not little fish, but it is exhilarating!

Pelicans waddling around Robbie’s.

Feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s is an inexpensive and family-friendly form of entertainment people of all ages will enjoy. It is fun feeding the tarpon yourself and just as fun watching your friends and family. Everyone will be squealing and laughing having a great time!

How Much Does Feeding the Tarpon Cost at Robbie’s?

It costs a whopping $2.25 USD per person/per day dock access fee and $4.00 USD for each bucket of fish, (5-8 fish per bucket).

It is hard to find something this inexpensive that will put a smile on everyone’s face, but Robbie’s has done it. So, if you are in the area, be sure to stop in to experience it for yourself. We enjoyed it so much we went back and did it again the next day! It has become one of my favorite things to do in Islamorada!

Contributor: Vicky from Real Travels With V

Vicky lives in the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters who can drive them crazy at times, but they love with all of their hearts. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her daughters, snowmobiling, attending off-road truck races, sitting on her couch watching television, and traveling. She is one of those weirdos that reads travel guidebooks and blogs just for fun. She wants to share her experiences and help people travel more as many people find planning vacation stressful. Her goal is to reduce that stress by helping people with their own vacation plans with tips and itineraries from her own travels. 



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