What You Could Get in Hamburg for $10 – Is It Possible to Travel on the Budget in the City?

When I was 11, one of my best friends Mayang moved to Germany since her dad got a job there. It was my first time knowing there's a city in Germany called Hamburg. It wasn't until later that I found out this random trivia about how the city is related so much to hamburger.

It was since then that I wish I could stop by the city someday. To meet my best friend, and also to see how the city of Hamburg is.

19 years later now, I've never got a chance to stop by Hamburg, but Mayang still lives in Germany. She even occasionally stalks me out of my blog, and I know because she told me so. And yes, she's basically the only friend from elementary school with whom I still have some occasional contact with.

So, if Mayang happens to stalk me and find this piece, I just want to let her that no worries… Visiting her in Hamburg is still in my must-do list. But today, thanks to Daniela of Top Writers Review, I'll be covering Hamburg on this week's $10 series!

Things You Can Do to Enjoy the Cosmopolitan City of Hamburg

What You Could Get in Hamburg for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Everyone knows Hamburg as the cosmopolitan and fancy little sister of Berlin. But anyone who has visited Hamburg knows that it isn't a cheap destination.

Hamburg has become very popular for tourists around the world for its architectural progress. It is the second-largest city in Germany, with one of the biggest standards of living in the country. So, you shouldn't be surprised if you discover that you cannot visit Hamburg with the same budget as many other cities in Europe.

Still, this city has its hidden gems that you can enjoy on a low budget. Are you curious to know what you could get in Hamburg for $10 USD? How could we enjoy Hamburg while being on a shoestring? Let's check this out!

Go on a City Tour with the Bike

Hamburg is a fantastic city for which you will need time to explore. But, you can enjoy your holiday without hurting your legs. You can take a bike instead and enjoy Hamburg's beauties on two wheels. Apart from being eco-friendly, riding the bike is also very cost-efficient. You will find bikes everywhere, inviting you to ride them and fill yourself with energy while also discovering the city.

For example, you can try StadtRAD. It is one of the most popular providers in Hamburg. You can find the bikes very close to either the underground station or overground light rail.

The great thing about StadtRAD is that you can ride for free in the first 30 minutes. Once the free period is over, you will have to pay around $0.1 per minute. Thus, for $10, you can enjoy 100 minutes of bike riding and exploring fascinating areas of Hamburg.

Source: Pxhere.

Go Out with Your Friends

Germany is famous for its tasty beer. Hamburg is no exception. So, if you go to this great city, you shouldn't miss at least one night spent in the city.

You don't need a generous budget to have a couple of drinks with your friends in Hamburg. You just need to do a bit of research and find the right bar that is not going to empty your pockets. You can have shots at only 99 cents each. It just takes a couple of shots to get the night started and enjoy what Hamburg has to offer.

Also, if you want to taste Hamburg's beer, you don't have to opt for the most expensive one. Any beer tastes excellent in one of the biggest German cities.

You can buy a bottle of 0.3 liters for just around $4 USD. In general, the cost of any drink ranges between $7 and $15 USD.

Besides, you can ask at your hotel or browse the dedicated forums to discover the restaurant's happy hour. Thus, you will enjoy the opportunity of drinking two beers at a price for one during specific hours during the day. So, having a bit of fun, and experiencing Hamburg's nightlife is not mandatory to be expensive.

Enjoy a Guided Walking Tour for Less Than $10 USD

Hamburg still fascinates many tourists in love with architecture. So, if you are part of this group, you cannot miss the harbor's incredible details. It is also a city where the Beatles built part of their history. Thus, you have plenty of reasons to visit this fascinating part of the town.

Besides, this is the area where you will discover the best of Hamburg's nightlife. You need to add this city to your bucket list and explore it in detail.

But, you cannot do it successfully unless you have a local guide standing by your side and showing you the city's treasures.

Is it possible to do it with $10 USD? You can enjoy a guided walking tour for less than $10 USD, actually. All you have to do is be in the area at 2 pm during the day. You will take the floating dock from Hardrock Café and pay $2 USD for the ticket to cross the river.

Apart from that, you won't have to pay for anything else. If you choose to go to this tour at the indicated hour, you will have it for free. Thus, you will be able to visit St Pauli and the Reeperbahn neighborhoods at zero costs. How cool is that?

Discover More of Hamburg from Water

Visiting Hamburg from the water will give you the opportunity to discover this fantastic city from a different perspective. Going through all of Hamburg's canals together with Alster and Speicherstadt Lakes is an experience that no one should miss.

So, if you have reached this city, you shouldn't think twice before booking a boat tour.

There are many options that you can try if you are determined to go on a boat tour. Some of them are short, while others can take for as long as three hours. Before choosing one of them, you should carefully check the itinerary. Thus, you will be able to make a documented decision and make sure that you explore the unforgettable areas of Hamburg.

Depending on the tour's complexity and duration, it will cost you from $10 USD to $30 USD.

Source: Pxhere.


Hamburg is one of those cities with which you can make an instant connection. Apart from the luxurious shopping streets and elegant hotels, Hamburg can also be one of those cities that you can see on a low budget.

The city will impress you with its architecture and development. So, you don't need a generous budget to enjoy Hamburg's touristic areas, delicious food, and tasty beer.

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