What You Could Get In Florianopolis For $10 – What Could Be Better than Beach-Hopping?!

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I'm a bit overwhelmed lately as I got to travel back and forth from Jakarta to Bandung and vice versa in the past couple of weeks. Such an eventful September so far!

And exactly for the same reason, I didn't have time to schedule this post in the past few weeks so I just got to curate this right now, a bit later than usual although it's still early Wednesday in some other part of the world. Including the place where we're gonna talk about on this week's What You Could Get in the City series: Brazil. 😀

Talking about Brazil, talking about football… But it's not always the case since now we're heading to a city that, in fact, I had never heard of before until Abbey reached me out to collaborate with me for this post: Florianopolis. So, over to Abbey to speak of the place where she spent most of her youth!

What You Could Get in Florianopolis for $10 - The BeauTraveler

So Much More for $10 in Florianopolis!

Florianopolis, or Floripa as we like to call it, is an island in the south of Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina.

Since it is an island what could be better than visiting the beaches? With $10, you have several different options. I’m going to list some of my favorites or things I would suggest you do with your 10 bucks.

Visit the Beaches

My first suggestion would be to visit the beaches. Florianopolis has a good bus system where you can circle the island going from terminal to terminal and you’ll only pay another fee if you leave the terminal.

To people on the outside it is a bit confusing and there is not much information regarding how to use the system, but my tip is to ask someone, not necessarily the bus driver or the “cobrador” which is the person you pay on the bus, they don’t usually know.

If I were you I’d ask someone at the terminal or the bus stop. For sure you would find someone to help get you headed in the right direction. Following the bus system you could make your way to the south side of the island and visit the fishermen beach of Pantano do Sul, or you could go to the lovely little villa like the beach of Armação, this beach also has a rougher water part where you can surf and catch some waves.

Source: Unsplash

Swimming at the Lagoa do Peri

Across the highway from the surfer part, there is a park that has the Lagoa do Peri, a freshwater lake where you can go for a swim. This lake is great for little kids as there are no waves and there is a playground as well. Maybe you choose to go to the north side of the island and visit the bustling beach of Ingleses.

Many locals live here and you can find supermarkets, banks, basically anything you need. This neighborhood is more like a city within the city. Or perhaps you want to see some mansions, celebrities and famous people; in that case you should go to Jurere Internacional.

Some say there are 42 beaches on the island, and others say there are 100. Every beach is different and each one has its own peculiarities.

Enjoy sand boarding on the budget

You can go sand boarding on the dunes of Joaquina and Ingleses by renting a sand board for less than $10 dollars an hour. Just be ready to climb back to the top every time you board down. You can also rent kayaks or a stand-up paddle board at practically every beach during the summer.

Explore Costa de Lagoa

Another suggestion is to go to Lagoa da Conceição and from there, catch the boat to Costa da Lagoa. You buy the ticket right there before getting on the boat. Go early so you have plenty of time.

If you like hiking, get off the boat at the pier where the old mill is, it is a great spot for pictures! Then hike your way on the trail til you get to the villa and the restaurants. There is also a waterfall that you can hike through the woods to see. If it has rained recently it will be nice and full, but if not….

Try pão de queijo

A few suggestions of food you can eat. At the terminals, you can always get a coffee and a pão de queijo (cheese bread) or a coxinha. These are typical Brazilian snacks. At the beach, you can try an acai bowl, which is another great option for a hot sunny day or a pastel with a filling of your choice (my favorite is palm heart and cheese).

These are only a few things you can do in Floripa for $10. Really there is so much more. If you plan on visiting someday let me know and I can give you some more suggestions! 😉

Contributor: Abbey from Abbey Eden

Abbey was born in the USA. Raised in Brazil, where she lived until June of 2017. She has been a teacher her whole life as she's got degrees in education. She is currently a teacher in the USA, as well as a seasonal photographer for graduations. 

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