What You Could Get in Edmonton for $10 – Get the Most Out of the City Within the Budget

After covering Toronto and Vancouver a long time ago, we finally got a chance to cover another city in Canada. This week, we're flying to Alberta to see how far we could go with $10 in the capital city Edmonton. 😀

Thanks to Ben from Horizon Unknown, now we're heading to Alberta to see how you can spend your bucks in Edmonton. Ready?!

What You Could Get in Edmonton for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Things to Do on the Budget When You're in Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is a city with plenty of great things to do and see. But you don't need to spend heaps of money to have a great day in Edmonton.

$10 USD is the equivalent of $13 Canadian dollar (CAD), and while there are plenty of things in the city to do for free, seeing some of the city and getting a tasty Canadian meal is possible for around $13 CAD.

Two cheap things to do in Edmonton are catching the historic High-Level Tram over the North Saskatchewan River and a traditional routine from La Poutine. At the current prices, this will cost $13.5 CAD.

High-level streetcar, Edmonton.

The Historic High-Level Tram over the North Saskatchewan River

First up, catching the High-Level Streetcar. This streetcar has a few stops, one in Old Strathcona and the other next to the Alberta Legislature building downtown. A return trip costs $6 CAD.

This tram travels 48 meters above the North Saskatchewan River below, originally built in 1913, this bridge connected the old cities of Edmonton and Strathcona.

High-level tram, Edmonton.

The service across the 106 meters High-Level Bridge began in 1980 with a car servicing the line – the Edmonton I. Today, 9 streetcars are operational, including one from Melbourne, Australia and another from Osaka, Japan.

It is better to go early in the morning, throughout the week as weekends and afternoons are much busier. Unfortunately, the streetcar ride doesn't operate in the winter months.

Not only is it a great part of Edmonton's history, but it also incorporates unique timelines from around the world.

Edmonton sunset.

A Short Walk to La Poutine

After you get a beautiful aerial view over the river and Edmonton skyline, you can return to the Old Strathcona, it's a short walk to La Poutine. Located on the corner of 109 street and 87 avenue, you can get a large, traditional style poutine for $7.50 CAD.

Poutine is a pretty common dish throughout Canada. Gravy is poured over the top of fries and chunks of cheese that “squeak” when you chew it.

For those that are vegan, the good news is that La Poutine offers totally vegan options and they are so tasty. It's a quick, cheap and great meal in Edmonton.

There are a number of memorable places to visit and sights to see in Edmonton, with a lot of those cheap of free. If I was given $13 CAD to explore and eat in Edmonton, these would be my two choices – as I've done both multiple times.

From beautiful sights to delicious meals – Edmonton has plenty to offer for $10 USD.

Contributor: Ben from Horizon Unknown

Ben McLaughlan left Australia in 2013 with a backpack and a one-way ticket to Ireland. Fast forward to today, travel to him is the single most important thing she can do; the experiences he gains, the lessons he learns about himself and the world he lives in are second to none. 

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