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What You Could Get in Bristol for $10 – Some Affordable Things to Do in the Most Populous City of South West England

After covering various places to explore on the budget in England, this week, we’re going back to England to find out how to explore Bristol for under $10 USD!

In case you missed out, we previously covered some cities in England in the $10 series… From Stratford-upon-Avon, Manchester, Leeds, to even London!

So today, thanks to Claire of Go Southwest England, we’re going to Bristol and explore the city on the budget. What could you get in Bristol for $10? Check this out!

Ways to Explore Bristol Under $10

Bristol is an incredible place. It’s brimming with life and is an arty city with so much culture (and an amazing food scene!). It’s the home of the famous street artist Banksy, it’s the hot air balloon capital of the world, and it’s a city that permanently changed the world of ship making through its boat the SS Great Britain.

But is it possible to see on a budget? Bristol isn’t a cheap city – in fact, it’s one of the most expensive in the UK. However, there are quite a lot of things that you can do for free here, and if you know how to, you can make $10 – or £7, in the local currency – stretch a long way!

I’m a Bristol local, and I’m going to show you how to save big in Bristol in this post!

Bristol, England.

Did you know?

Not only is Bristol the World’s largest manufacturer of hot air balloons, but Bristol was also the location where the World’s first bungee jump took place. The event involved the members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, with David Kirke being the first person who jumped first with a glass of champagne in his hand!

Ashton Court and the Clifton Suspension Bridge

You will be walking a lot in this Bristol itinerary (there are also buses and Uber available if you can’t or don’t want to walk this much). If you don’t want to walk too much, start your day at the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

However, if you want to experience Bristol’s rural side, you could do a walk through Ashton Court first. This is an expansive estate with huge grounds. One of the best things about Bristol is that it is so close to the countryside, and you’ll get a sense of this in Ashton Court, which is one of the best places for walks in Bristol. Look out for the resident deer!

Walk to the top of Ashton Court, and along to the Suspension Bridge. This is an iconic Bristol landmark; it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and crosses the narrowest point of the Avon Gorge. Walking over it is epic!

Then, you’ll be in the historic suburb of Clifton. This is a really scenic place to stop and look around.

The Harbourside

Next up, visit the Harbourside. This is a beautiful part of Bristol with loads of attractions. Some of them are free, so you’ll be able to visit them on your budget. These include:

  • The M Shed Museum, which focuses on life in Bristol.
  • The Bristol Museum, which discusses Bristolian history and history further afield. This is based on Park Street, which is close to Harbourside.
  • Arnolfini, an art gallery.
  • Bristol Cathedral – this isn’t as famous as cathedrals in other cities but entry is indeed free!

You might also like to stroll around, taking in the beautiful scenes of colored houses and the various ships. Look out for the SS Great Britain – your £7 budget won’t stretch to visiting but you can admire it from outside.

SS Great Britain in Bristol, England (UK).
SS Great Britain in Bristol, England (UK).

St Nicholas’ Markets

For lunch, I’d recommend checking out St Nicholas’ Markets. There’s a whole host of food stalls here for fairly cheap prices – definitely less than your £7. I’d recommend Eat A Pitta – you can get a large pitta here stuffed with falafel, hummus, salad and other goodies for £6.25.

Stokes Croft

After lunch, it’s time to check out another area of the city. Stokes Croft is the city’s most popular place for street art, so take some time to check out all of the street art! There’s so much here, from Banksy pieces to bright neon murals adorning club walls.

Keep walking up Cheltenham Road and you’ll reach the start of Gloucester Road. This has the longest line of independent shops in Europe – you might not be able to buy anything in them, but window shopping is always fun!

This concludes your day in Bristol – by now, your feet are probably tired! Head back to wherever you are staying or leave Bristol for your next destination!

Contributor: Claire from Go South West England

Claire is a South West England travel expert. She lives between Bristol and Devon, and writes about all destinations in the area on her blog, Go South West England.

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