What You Could Get In Berlin For $10 – From A Club To Kebab!

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And to get you a little more excited, this week we’re going to talk about how you could spend $10 in Berlin, Germany. Thanks to Jinpa from The Girl Who Went Everywhere, who made it possible to know the alternative of how you could spend the tenner in the city.

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How You Could Spend Your $10 in Berlin during Summer

I have lived in Berlin for over 4 years now and I regularly do so much for so little. Scott and I invented ‘picnic days’ which is a whole day out only spending €10!

Here’s an example, it is summer in Berlin and the open air dance parties are underway…

First thing first, buy an open-air club ticket for a few euros and get a stamp so you can come back later. Dance to world-class DJs and have fun in the sun for several hours, until you get tired.

My favourite club with my favourite clubbing partner (copywright Jinpa Smith)

After that, you can buy a cheap halloumi kebab or some pommes and have a little rest.

Berlin is surrounded by the most wonderful lakes.

Buy an AB public transport ticket for €2.70 and use it to go to Wannsee Lake and across on the F10 ferry to Kladow. You will pass the islands of Schwanenwerder and Pfaueninsel and have views of the Havel river, and a peaceful walk on the other side.

Image – copywright free

Go back to the club for sunset, using your stamp to get in. Make sure you haven’t washed it off! Collect empty beer bottles and when you have either 4 or 6, take them to the bar and swap them for a beer! 😀

When the beer is finished, you can either repeat the former or fill it up with water and continue until you fall asleep in a corner. 😉

Some clubs will let you in to their indoor club with the same stamp, so you can go there when it gets dark, and start again with Sunday’s €10! 😀

Contributor: Jinpa Smith from The Girl Who Went Everywhere

She goes slowly, and she writes about it. She travels when she can afford the time and the money, and she writes to make sense and to make connections. One thing tends to trigger another. On the move, it is easier to see the myriad interconnectedness of things. When she is traveling, she sees more of the forces behind things, yet she is a beginner each day – always trying to embrace otherness with a gentle heart. She is much older than that excitable little girl pouring over travel brochures, but she still wants to go everywhere.


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  1. Wow! That is a great, thrifty use of 10 Euros! I love how you collect empty beer bottles and can trade them in for a new one. Not only are you saving money, but you are also saving and cleaning the environment as well! 🙂

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