What You Could Get in Bath for $10 – Various Things to Do on the Budget in England’s UNESCO World Heritage City

It's not without a reason that we barely cover any city around the UK in the $10 series. The United Kingdom is known for its high living cost, that the budget seems so little to spend around the region.

However, it doesn't mean that $10 USD is impossible to spend anywhere in the UK, especially in England. We've covered the capital, which is London and other cities like Cambridge and York.

And today, after months of not covering any city in the region, we have Karen of World Wide Writer to cover another city there: Bath.

Getting on the Budget in Bath

$10 is equivalent to just over £8 in the UK, and there’s a surprising amount that you can buy, see or do with this amount in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath.

The Raven.

Eating and Drinking on a Budget

There are lots of bakeries and fast food outlets where you can buy a cheap takeaway drink or snack. Although your £8 may not buy a complete meal in a restaurant, there is a wide range of pubs and cafés, and opportunities to sample traditional local foods.

You should be able to buy two pints of beer or two measures of spirits (extra for mixers) in a pub. Try one of the city’s historic pubs like The Raven, or the quirky Bell Inn (where you could also spend your money on a pizza from the “pizza bike” in the pub garden).

You can buy afternoon tea at Sally Lunn’s (various choices including scones with jam and cream), or take away four Bath Buns (small sugar-crusted fruit buns) from a bakery. You could even enjoy a scone or cake with a cup of tea or coffee in the glamorous surroundings of the Pump Room.

Things to Do in Bath

Bath is very well provided with museums, and many can be visited for under £8. These include the Victoria Art Gallery (£6.00), Museum of Bath Architecture (£6.90), Herschel Museum of Astronomy (£6.90) and the Bath Postal Museum (£5.00).

If you enjoy gardens then walk a mile out of town (uphill, but it’s downhill coming back…) to Prior Park and enjoy the 18th century landscaped gardens that look down over the city.

Alternatively, pay £2 to go into the riverside Parade Gardens with its bandstand and views of the Pulteney Bridge. Spend the leftover money on a sandwich and a drink and sit on the grass to enjoy a picnic.

£6 will buy you a single boat trip from Pulteney Bridge to Bathhampton. From here you can walk back into town along the canal.

Prior Park.

Shopping for Souvenirs

Finally, if your taste is for shopping, ignore the overpriced souvenir shops and head instead to the many artisan shops where you can buy small gifts of local food, glassware, or spa products.

Or treat yourself at the local chocolatier Charlotte Brunswick, where you could spend £3 on a “pillow box” of two hand-crafted chocolates, or £6.95 on a mini-box of sea salted caramels.

Contributor: Karen Warren from World Wide Writer.

Karen Warren is a travel writer, book reviewer, and novelist based in Bath, UK. Her website WorldWideWriter is aimed at independent travelers, with a focus on history, culture and lesser-visited destinations.

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