5 Trending Fashion Accessories for Winters in Dubai

Just as Dubai welcomes the terrible summer heat, similarly people experience chilly days in Winter when the temperature drops to 15°C.  So here are some latest fashion accessories that will go with your winter outfits while vacationing in Dubai.

After all, who doesn't want to look fashionable while posting for their pics in some instagrammable places in Dubai?

5 Trending Fashion Accessories for Winters in Dubai - The BeauTraveler

1. Head Gear

Winter in Dubai is accompanied by chilly winds.  So, a hat or a cap or a beanie is perfect for the winters since it covers your hair and most importantly your ears.  If you are planning to buy it from Dubai itself, you can visit the Dubai Outlet Mall or can use the Groupon promo codes to get discount up to 30% off while buying online.

2. Jackets

Leather jackets are just the perfect thing for a Dubai winter.  If you are planning to buy a jacket for your vacation there, then you should opt for the authentic Dubai Leather jacket. It is very popular in the UAE. These leather jackets have some remarkable features such as it is windproof, Eco friendly, waterproof and breathable. A site Alibaba.com gives exclusive discounts on these jackets. And if you're in the mood to add some accessories, you can always shop online here.

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3. Scarves

A cozy, soft scarf is a perfect accessory for Dubai's winter that keeps you warm both indoor and outdoor. There are several ways to style your scarves according to your outfit. These are the French way, the New Throne Way, the Blogger favourite, the Hero Piece, the Cool Update. This winter, besides the usual blue, grey black staples, other lively colours have been trending.  Floral print scarves, ribbed scarves, check scarves are in demand now. To add a cherry on top, wearing a pearl necklace also fits those bright or dark-colored scarves in your wardrobe. 

Men's scarves have also been trending and the most popular among them is the ankle scarf.  It gives a touch of a classy look. These are small scarves that cover your exposed ankles from cold.  Shop these scarves from Amazon.com and become eligible for easy returns and free shipping. Nowadays hijab wraps exclusively worn in winter, have also grown in popularity. Traditional hijaab wraps have been given a modern look.

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4. Boots

Boots are the best part of winter fashion. It is not everyday that you get to wear a boot in Dubai.  Even in winter it is hardly required.  Still two to three days in Winter season when it is required, make the full use of it.

 Some must have and trendy boots this winter are –

  • Midi boots – This should be paid with an A Line skirt
  • Ankle boots – They ate also popular called booties and it is the most popular accessory for a summery winter in Dubai.
  • Knee-length boots – These are classic winter accessory that never become outdated. These boots are best worn over jeans.
  • Thigh-high boots – These are the most popular one this season. Many celebrities have also been seen wearing it.  It is best paired with oversized, short dress.

5. Body Lotion

While people in Dubai wait eagerly for those cold months after a long spell of hot and humid weather, one thing that has to be kept in mind is they have to prepare their skin for the season from beforehand.

Use the Sodashi Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser. It not only prevents your skin from getting dry but also gives a youthful glow to the skin. This moisturiser is filled with nourishing plant extracts.

Use the Vaseline Spray Moisturizer. It does not feel heavy on your skin and you can see the results within seconds.  It moisturises both from inside and outside.

You should always apply sunscreen on the face even though your less exposed to sun in winter. Use the Sun Intolerance SPF50 to keep not only your face but all those parts that are exposed to sun protected.

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Some of the best body lotions Available in Dubai are – Jasmine Sandalwood, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Wild Blackberry and Vanilla, Toasted Praline and Pear, White Jasmine, Cactus Blossom, Desert Wildflower. Use the Bath and Body Works discount codes to get exclusive discount on these products while shopping from the Bath and Body Works app.

Dubai is therefore definitely your winter destination, because you get a perfect weather in that season and not a harsh and severe winter. So, plan your trip and pack your outfits likewise and do not forget to shop those trending winter accessories from the above-mentioned apps or places, and also do not forget to use those coupon codes.

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