Entrepreneur vs Social Media Influencer: Which Side Are You On?

Are you getting tired of the news about the #bloggergate news lately after the post of what's supposed to be a ‘business e-mail' sent by a blogger getting viral on a business's fanpage?

Yup, this time I'm gonna talk about the phenomenon of The White Moose Cafe vs Elle Darby, and I know that I'm a little too late to the party because it was really hectic yesterday as my cat Disco got sick and I had to take him to the vet and cry all day. Now, he seems to get better little by little, so I've got some time to write.

Okay, so you've probably read the news about them all over the internet and even more, maybe you've already picked a side between the hotel owner or the vlogger.

I'm a part of blogging community and a member of so many blogger groups so I've read a lot of responses from fellow bloggers, while at the same time I'm also a struggling entrepreneur. I hope my opinion is not bias, but being a bitch as I am, my sour ass could only tell you that both are wrong.

Why? Because I'm a brat who judges everyone just the same.

Entrepreneur vs Social Media Influencer: Which Side Are You On? - The BeauTraveler

I personally think that it was all staged so that it's free publicity for everyone.

I could be wrong, but seeing the headlines everywhere I think there's a big chance that it was actually all staged for the sake of publicity for both sides, The White Moose Cafe and Elle Darby. I mean, if Samsung could get higher profit from the bad publicity of Galaxy Note 7, then why couldn't they right? 😉

So, let's start with the post that has since become the beginning of this viral news: the screenshot of what's supposed to be a ‘business e-mail' between the two parties.

The first time I saw the post, I actually couldn't care less because I think I've seen way too many business owners who are simply against the idea of collaborating with bloggers through giving them freebies whatsoever. So it's not new to me as I think I've read once about a local business owner who strictly refused to give freebies to any social media influencer in Liverpool.

Until the next day, when the video of Elle Darby giving rants about how she was humiliated etc has gone viral.

From there, I can't help anything but to point out that in fact, both sides are simply wrong on their behalves. Here's why.

What Has The Social Media Influencer Done Wrong?

The first time I saw the viral post on The White Moose Cafe fanpage, I already knew what I wanted to point out about what the social media influencer has done wrong.

I'm not an expert, neither from the blogger or entrepreneur's side, but if you get used sending cold e-mails to pitch your potential client, the e-mail sent by the vlogger was way too generic.

It's the kind of e-mail that you sent to every hotel you were interested in just to see if any of them would be pleased to host you in the end. In that case, what Ellen got was a ‘humiliation' that got her more subscribers. Well?

I've seen a lot of fellow bloggers who are on the vlogger's side, and I honestly disagree although to be fair I have no idea how it is to be a professional social media influencer. Hmm.

Sure, the announcement of The White Moose Cafe blocking all bloggers and social media influencer to enter their business premises is blindsided, but then I think being a social media influencer, more importantly when they call themselves a ‘professional', I think it is important to do some research first before sending a pitch to their potential clients.

From there, then they should be able whether the business that they're approaching fit their target audience, or it is too obvious that they only want some freaking freebies.

On Elle's case? I could only tell that it's the latter.

She mentioned about offering to create a review in return to a ‘discounted' or complimentary stay. But when I checked the e-mail screenshot, she was straight to ask for ‘free' accommodation so yeah…

And also, did she say ‘veganism' on her rant? I've only heard her name when this news gone viral, so I have really no idea about her niche whatsoever, but if that's the case then it's clear that she's barely done any research before sending her pitch to The White Moose Cafe.

I mean, one of my fellow bloggers sent me the screenshot of their website that actually intrigued me.

The homepage of The White Moose Cafe website that I actually adore.

Like from there, it's way too obvious that people like Elle (or her followers) probably aren't their target market. If anything, I'm more like their target market! *yeah they have banned bloggers and social media influencers for their business but a girl can hope 😛

All I'm saying is, it's okay to pitch any brand you want but do not forget to do your own research!

Don't ridicule yourself by sending pitch to the wrong brand that just doesn't fit your target audience. As a good social media influencer, you should've known better. And from the brand's side, like it or hate it, but it only makes you so obvious about simply being a freeloader.

What Has The Entrepreneur Done Wrong?

I've been an aspiring entrepreneur who has done business with some local bloggers as well, and I think the decision to work with a social media influencer or not is simply the business owners' option.

I've tried to work with some, and I gotta say, the outcome was quite disappointing unless you actually worked with a real celebrity or whatever. So I suppose I totally understand if The White Moose Cafe is simply not interested to collaborate with anyone who claims themselves a social media influencer, or any brand who's on the same page.

What he has done wrong was that he publicly posted the e-mail that was meant to be ‘for your eyes only' kind of thing. But then again, I'm more biased to the entrepreneur as he didn't exactly expose the social media influencer's name in their post. After all, she only revealed herself the day after. 

But thanks to all this drama, all medias expose the event so then it's free publicity for both sides. I mean, it's too good to be true right?! 😛

So yeah, I'm stick to my prediction that it's probably staged so that it benefits both sides.

What do you guys think?

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5 thoughts on “Entrepreneur vs Social Media Influencer: Which Side Are You On?”

  1. I have been thinking about using a social media influencer to reach more viewers & subscribers on my blog but now am thinking twice about that.
    Thank you for shedding a light on this particular issue. ☺

    1. well, i think if your goal is to reach more viewers and subscribers on your blog, the idea of collaborating with a social media influencer could totally help. in my case, i’ve worked together with local bloggers to gain more exposure in the hope of getting some sales as ROI, it didn’t work too well but no regret at least i tried. 🙂

  2. I’m completely with you. Both sides are wrong. I don’t think it’s a stunt on her side, I think she was just naive. On his side, absolutely! She really didn’t help herself though. That video is very ill advised. So I’m with you. Neither comes out of this well. He sounds like hypocrite. She sounds whiny. But there again I’m over 30,

    1. yeah, i was so cray cray watching the video of her complaining about people over 30. i mean, is that so wrong to actually work your ass off to make a living? i’m not 30 yet, but then i think her judgement was unfair. but i agree that it’s probably a stunt on his side only, but darn it worked way too well. i mean, i’ve checked through their pages and all and they are THAT savage. 😛

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