Top 5 Cheap Local Singaporean Dishes You Must Try in Singapore (and Other Things to Do on a Budget!)

The local Singaporean dishes are probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to exploring the country on a budget. That little red dot in Southeast Asia is best known as one of the most expensive cities not only in the region, but also in the world. 

If you plan to travel to Singapore, you shouldn't miss the chance to try the authentic Singaporean delicacies, from Singaporean chicken rice to popiah. The good news is that the best place to go for exploring Singapore's culinary scene is when you explore the hawker street where you can try lots of these for cheap.

This time, I have Shi Hui from IReviewURead, my best blogging mate who always took some time to explore her hometown whenever I traveled to Singapore.

I got a chance to visit Kranji War Cemetery with her a few years ago, but this time she's going to share some of the best Singaporean cuisine menus that you should try when visiting the city. So, let's dive in!

Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget

As of November 2017, Singapore is known to be the most expensive city to live according to Forbes.

A statement that many locals agree with. With that, you must be wondering, then how much can you do with USD$10 in Singapore? In this post we’re going to touch on that.

1. Explore Cheap Local Singaporean Dishes

One of the most well-known culture in Singapore would be our food culture. We are proud of the variety of food we have here and how people everywhere come to try our local dishes. We believe that in order to bond with another, doing it over a table of food is the best options. That’s why you hear most locals start their conversation with, “Have you eaten yet?”

Hawker food is the local's pride and joy. Aside from its economical prices, you can also try out a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. A popular place that locals like to go to would be Old Airport Road Food Centre. With over 168 stalls in the proximity, the only question that you would be asking there would be, “What do I eat next?”

First dish would be a must eat local dish – chicken rice.

Chicken Rice

For only USD$1.90 (SGD2.50) you get a plate of chicken, rice and a bowl of soup. Do remember to put some soy sauce on the rice and a saucer of chicken rice chilli for the chicken.

Damage done: USD$1.90- USD2.90 (SGD2.50 – SGD$3.50)
Store Name: No specific store that you should try from. They are all equally as good.

Source: jaymoylovesfood 

Hokkien Mee

Next, if you do not feel like eating rice, you can always eat noodles. Presenting Nam Sing Hokkien Mee. Cooked with seafood stock, the dish contains, yellow noodles, bee hoon, prawn, squid and egg. It is my personal go-to dish for it is not only tasty but economical as well. Don’t forget to squeeze some lime over it to get the hint of zest in the dish.

Damage done: USD$2.29 (SGD$3 – $5)
Store name: Nam Sing Hokkien Mee  #01-32

Source: Eatbook SG


Now that your main meal is done, it’s time for some side dishes or after-meal snacks.

Packed with stir-fried turnip, jicama (bangkuang), bean sprouts, peanuts and many other delicious ingredients, this spring roll is the perfect after meal snack. With it cut evenly into 4 pieces for you, you can always share this snack with your friends and family too.

Damage done: USD$1.14 (SGD$1.50)
Store name: Qin Carrot Cake #01-156

Source: Burpple

Muah Chee

If you have a sweet tooth like myself, you can always go for the old school Muah Chee. It has the same texture as mochi and you can find it coated with peanuts. Chewy, crunchy and sweet, the perfect after meal snack.

Damage done: USD$1.52 (SGD$2)
Store name: Kim satay #01-06

Source: Burrple


At the same store, barbeque meat on sticks or more commonly known as satay are also available.

For 60cents a piece, you can choose spend the remaining amount that you have left here. There’s pork, chicken and mutton stick available. Some stores may even have beef satay. When served, it comes with a peanut dipping sauce for you to dip your satay in before savouring it. Do note, people normally order satay sticks in 5 or 10 – you can mix the meat – for 1 is never enough.

Damage done: USD$0.46 (SGD$0.60) per stick
Store name: Kim satay #01-06

You can read a detailed review of Old Airport Road Hawker Food Stalls here.

Now that your belly is all filled up, time to catch some fireworks and lightshow!

2. Enjoy the outdoor light show

Every night at Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, you can see an outdoor light show filled with water, fireworks and lights.

These 2 light shows are free and a must-see when in Singapore. The one shown in the photo was the crane dance. It happens at Waterfront, Resort World Sentosa, daily at 8pm. Meanwhile, the one happening outside the event plaza of Marina Bay sands, Spectra, have 2 to 3 show times daily. From 8pm, 9pm to 10pm*.

You can see Resort World’s Sentosa Crane Dance here – start from 6:18.

10pm showtimes is available for Friday and Saturdays only.

And that is how to spend USD$10 in Singapore – indulging in hawker food of course!

Since Singapore have various of free events constantly, don’t forget to check out sites like Visit Singapore or Time Out when you’re planning your itinerary.

Contributor: Tan Shi Hui from IreviewUread

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  1. I have been to Singapore twice and loved the food scene both times. The local food is yumm.
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