what you could get in the city for $10

What You Could Get In Prague For $10 – Pils and Czech-Style Goulash

Hello everyone! 😀

Back to What You Could Get In The City For $10 feature on my blog, and now my question would be… What is the first thing that comes in mind whenever you hear the word Prague? Or, do you even remember the first thing that makes you familiar with the city?

For women my age in Indonesia, I think most of them would agree that the first thing that introduced them to the city is this teenlit novel written by Riheam, Love in Prague.

But for me, I grew up being a football hardcore fan that some Czech footballers like Pavel Nedved, Milan Baros, Jan Koller, and of course Tomasz Rosicky (I’m an Arsenal fan okay?!) kind of introduce me to the country and of course their infamous club Sparta Prague. 🙂

So, thanks to Shawn from Saint Facetious, who will now talk about what you could get with $10 bill in Prague.

What You Could Get In West Australia For $10 – Cape Arid National Park

Hi everyone!

After last week we talked about what you could spend $10 in London, this time we will go to the down-under to talk about what you could get in the western part of Australia. 🙂

So this time, thanks to Keshia from Solo Travelling Girl, who took some time to write on the piece on what you could get for $10 in West Australia.

So, how does she spend $10 in the down-under, and how can you spend yours? Check it out!

What You Could Get In London For $10 – The Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned on the previous post about how I would like to feature several travel bloggers to talk about what you could get in the city for $10, this is gonna be our first post on the feature for the collaboration and I’m excited to share with you what you could do in London with $10. 😀

There are plenty of things you could do around London, from strolling around Notting Hill to even feel the royal vibes around Westminster Palace. But what else could you do around the city, especially when you’re on a budget?

Thanks to Lizzie from Lizzie’s Restless Feet, who contributed for the pilot post, so here we go!

World of Travel Forum’s Collab: What You Could Get In The City For $10!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would truly apologize for the fact that I haven’t posted anything in particular for quite some time since early February. I have been quite busy with the Invitation Tournament for Asian Games, not to mention that the internet connection at my place in Jakarta is so slow that I get super pissed off everytime I turn on the computer.

But anyway, now I’ve managed to actually go to some random cafe just so I could use their decent internet connection and announce something I’m longing to tell since my birthday earlier this month: I will have a guest post every week in the next few weeks to talk about what you could do in a particular city for $10!

I’m so glad that I got a chance to connect with some other travel bloggers for Facebook engagement with a group that we call World of Travel through a Whatsapp group that you can also join in if you’re interested. And these bloggers will be the one who will talk about what we could do in their city for what’s equal to $10.