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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Serbia: 20+ Places To Visit in Serbia

Serbia was the third country that I visited on my last trip after the United Arab Emirates and Turkiye. For those who didn’t know, I’ve been obsessed with the Balkan region for as long as I can remember, and visiting Serbia has marked a new milestone for me as I’ve just checked one of the top of my bucket list for this decade.

Initially, I wanted to travel around the whole Balkan region as I planned. But since I started my trip by the end of 2021, most European countries had not opened their border to Indonesian citizens yet at the time. Good thing for me, because as an Indonesian citizen, I am eligible to enter Serbia for 30 days within a year without a visa.

The good news is that I got to travel around and visit some of the must-visit places in Serbia. Dora, my best friend from Croatia, whom I’ve known for almost 20 years since MySpace, decided to drive to Serbia so we could have a lovely girls’ trip throughout the country.

In this post, I’m going to list some of the best places to visit in Serbia and how to travel around the country.

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Is Edirne Worth Visiting? - 11 Things to Do in Edirne, Turkey

Is Edirne Worth Visiting? – 11 Ultimate Things to Do in Edirne, Turkey

Edirne is a historical city in Turkey that is situated close to the Bulgarian and Greek borders. When I told my Turkish friends that I was planning to go to Edirne on my last trip to Turkey, some of them convinced me that the only benefit of going to the city is exactly the fact that it’s the closest city in Turkey to the European Union. But other than that, is Edirne worth visiting? What are some ultimate things to do in Edirne?

In this post, I will try to share my firsthand experience of visiting Edirne. The pros and cons of going to the city that used to be the capital city of the Ottoman Empire before Constantinople took over in 1453.

So, here are some things you can do in Edirne, Turkey!

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Day Trip From Izmir, Turkey: Ephesus and Sirince Village

It was only the last few days in Izmir that I realized time was running out, so I decided to go on a day trip from Izmir and get on the train to Selcuk to visit Ephesus and Sirince Koyu. It wasn’t my first time visiting Ephesus, but I had never been to Sirince, a village not so far from Ephesus that is known for its wine.

The last time I was in Izmir, I really thought I had enough time to reminisce the good ol’ days and visit all the places I went to 12 years ago for the sake of nostalgia. But with work and other responsibilities, I couldn’t get it all. As a result, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Cesme from Izmir as planned on my last trip. Maybe next time, though.

But well, I managed to come back to Selcuk and visit the ancient Greek city Ephesus, the cave of the Seven Sleepers, and the House of Virgin Mary on my last trip to Izmir, I decided to share my experience on that. This article will include some tips to go to Ephesus from Izmir by public transportation and some other information you may need to know before going there.

So, how do you go to Ephesus from Izmir city center? There we go!

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Review: The Best Bus Companies in Turkey

Review: The Best Bus Companies in Turkey

Being a slow traveler as I am, I travel by bus most of the time. Although I prefer traveling by train, bus is the mode of transportation that I often use since it’s cheaper. At the same time, I can also enjoy the scenery along the way from one place to the other.

After traveling by bus through Indochina or Southeast Asia in general, this time I’m going to write a review about some bus companies that I used during my trip around Turkey recently.

Even 12 years ago when I stayed in Izmir as a student, I enjoyed traveling by bus in Turkey because the bus service there was top-notch!

Also, in case you have time for a little laugh, there was one time when I also ran out of money in Marmaris and I didn’t have enough money to buy the bus ticket back to Izmir. Needless to say, I have a bittersweet memory when it comes to traveling by bus in Turkey.

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Midnight Layover in Dubai and Flying with Emirates for the First Time

Midnight Layover in Dubai and Flying with Emirates for the First Time

My flight to Istanbul recently was actually my first time flying with Emirates, and surprisingly, it was also my first time visiting Dubai for real. Back when I worked as a flight attendant, I flew to Dubai a few times but it was never with a layover due to the short distance between United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

So in this post, I’m going to write about my experience of having a red-eye hour flight with Emirates and spending a few hours for layovers in Dubai after midnight.

My flight was changed by the Emirates a couple of times since I booked the ticket earlier this year. As a result, my ETA in Dubai was slightly before midnight and I had to find out the best things to do around Dubai when almost everyone fell asleep.

Surprisingly, while there’s a lot of information about transit in Dubai, I barely found anything about a layover in Dubai after midnight. So that’s why I’m trying to fill the gap by writing this post!

So, how was my first flight with Emirates and what could you do in Dubai for your midnight layover? Here we go! 🙂

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