the wander lover stories: worry. story. glory.

Brokelings, Definitely (Not) 3 Idiots!

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday and like I posted on my previous post, here comes our first edition of The Wander Lover: Worry. Story. Glory.

The first blog that I want to feature here is the one and only Brokelings, as one the guys behind the blog, Mayank responded when I announced my plan to collaborate with other bloggers on the group we’re in on Facebook. 🙂

Like everytime I check out someone’s blog, the first thing I did when he sent me the link to this blog was to check the ‘About Me’ section. That way, I can slightly judge the blogger just because I can.

So when I checked this one, I found out that this one is not exactly a personal blog since there are 3 of them behind this blog. Mayank is only one of them, because there are two other guys behind it, Ruthwik and Anuj.

My first judgement? What is this, 3 idiots?! 😛

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The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory.

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, I started this blog earlier this year and just like how I want to call this blog, this blog is a beautravel blog where it consists of three essential things in my life: beau-beauty-travel.

And I am trying to keep this blog updated just so that anyone who comes across to this blog will find something interesting if not useful around this corner.

For this, I would like to introduce you to our new weekly feature, The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. 

So, what is this?

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