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What You Could Get In Abu Dhabi For $10 – Some Freebies to Stroll Around the Capital City of UAE

This might be shocking for you, but are you one of those people who always think of Dubai whenever someone mentions the United Arab Emirates? Well, are you aware that Dubai is actually not the capital city of the country? Instead, it’s Abu Dhabi.

And despite the popularity of Fly Emirates as the world’s best airlines in the world, there’s also some other Emirati airlines whose headquarter is located in the United Arab Emirates: Etihad Airways.

So, if you by any chance fly with the airlines, chances are you’ll spend some time on a transit in Abu Dhabi. And to feed your adventurous desire, you might as well want to figure out how you could spend as little as possible in the city.

That, if you’re planning to explore the city for a bit. And thanks to Keri, the mom of Family Travel in the Middle East, we will cover the city for this week’s $10 series.

Foodie Flashpacker: A Guide To When You Love Food And Neither You Want To Stay At Hostel Nor Hilton

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday again and it’s time for me to post The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. for this week… and in fact, this is gonna be the last series of The Wander Lover because I decided to stop publishing this every week.

I will come up with some different feature in the next few weeks so bear with me, please! 😀

Meanwhile, I am excited to introduce you the last travel blogger that I’ll feature in the last series here: Nathan Aguilera from Foodie Flashpacker.

And as you probably know based on the blog’s name: yes, he brings up the topic of being a foodie and somewhere between a budget and luxurious traveler! 😉

Sam and Veren of Alternative Travelers: Starting With A Hug When It Was Freezing, Together They Are Now Slow Traveling and Housesitting!

I can’t believe that February is approaching to end and now, the last couple travelers to be featured on the last February edition of Wander Lover Series! 😀

Time flies so fast that I feel like yesterday was just the day I had to sigh so hard that 2017 almost ended, and now the month of love comes to an end already? You’re kidding, right?

Okay, so on the last edition of our February series, I’m excited to connect with Sam and Veren from Alternative Travelers, a vegan couple travelers from New York who are currently based in Madrid as they travel slowly through housesitting.

I’ve never done housesitting before, but now that I’ve read some of their blogposts about it, now I’m intrigued! But anyway, as it’s the month of love and I want to focus a bit more on them as a couple, shall we start with the intro? 😉

Russell and Anisa: From Workmate To Potential Soulmate

Still on February edition of Wander Lover Series, and I’ve got yet another couple traveler for us to find out about their love story. 🙂

This time, I’m excited to connect with Anisa from Two Traveling Texans and Russell, who runs his own blog with some contents about his passion: origami, which is called Origami Expressions.

Yup, the latter is not a travel blog, but the blogger behind Origami Expressions also loves to travel like the rest of us. And also, it’s because Russell has been christened as the third of the Two Traveling Texans. So yes, Russell is still a part of this travel blog industry, guys! 😀

Besides, on the February edition, we’re not gonna be too specific on the blogs as I want to focus on their love story instead. On how two people who love traveling could end up together, through work… Yup, the kind of job that made me cringe back in the day to face the 9-to-5 scheme! 😛

Jareena and Ari of The Barefoot Backpackers: Why You Should Give Love A Second Chance!

You may notice the slight difference that I’ve got on this week’s Wander Lover series logo. Why pink? Why not purple as usual?! 😉

First of all, it’s February and Valentine’s day is approaching. Second of all, I’ll do something different for The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. for February. This month, I’ll be focusing on the couple who are both bloggers and travelers.

And this time, I’ll expose their love story and share their advice so you can apply it next time you plan to travel with your partner!

So, the first couple that I will feature on February Wander Lovers are The Barefoot Backpackers, the blog run by Jareena and Ari. They are an American couple traveling the world to create a life full of first time experiences, meeting new friends, and adventure. Who are they and what is their secret to travel the world without hassle with their partner?!