The Beginner's Guide to Your First Turkish Hammam

The Beginner’s Guide to Your First Turkish Hammam

Turkish hammam, or Turkish bath, is probably one of the must-do activities when you’re in Turkey due to its popularity and historical values. However, I had never done it until a few months ago when I came back to Izmir for the first time after 12 years.

Back when I was a student, I considered Turkish hammam quite pricey at the time. And when I stopped by Istanbul and Mersin a few years ago, I got too busy catching up with my friend and my (then) boyfriend to even think about hammam. So in this post, I will share some bits to guide you on what to expect when you’re planning to do your first Turkish hammam.

Should you be worried about walking around naked with strangers? Do you have to bring your own shower gel or shampoo for the Turkish bath? I’ll share what I know about Turkish hammam, and if you’ve done this before, feel free to add what you do in the comment section after the post! 😉

So, what do we need to know about Turkish hammam? Here we go!