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5 Top Attractions in Singapore

Are you planning a holiday in Singapore?

Well, you are sure going to get overwhelmed with choices of exciting attractions. There are plenty of day trips for all age groups and exciting activities. It is hard to ignore the iconic Singapore skyline with breathtaking views.

Singapore, well known as a playground for the rich but there is a lot more beneath the sheen of wealth. There are diverse ethnic spots with a vibrant history and lovely public spaces in this slightly futuristic city.

Going on a Singapore tour can be very interesting with a local guide. This is the right way to explore the best attraction in the city. Getting around the city is most convenient, thanks to the excellent public transportation here.

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Another Bucket List Checked: Kranji War Memorial, Singapore

Still another post related to my last Singapore trip! 😀

As I mentioned earlier, if there was one place that I really wanted to visit in Singapore, then that would Kranji War Memorial.

The thing is, lately I always have this urge to visit the cemetery wherever I travel, especially if it’s a war cemetery… Why? Because I suppose that’s the best way to remind myself not to take life for granted. But other than that, there’s something that makes me want to visit the cemeteries even more.

It was when one time, I posted a pic I took at Taukkyan War Cemetery on Instagram. Another user randomly commented it telling me that her Grandpa is there. I was confused what she meant until she explained that her late Grandpa was a soldier for the British Army and died in Myanmar during World War 2.

She never got a chance to visit his grave in Taukkyan, but she got his block number and left it with me just in case I’m coming again for a visit. I was a bit emotional when I exchanged messages with her through Instagram DM.

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Review: Spacepod@Com Kallang, Singapore

Hi everyone! 😀

As I mentioned last month about my plan for a short trip to Singapore for Arsenal, I’m back! And yes, I managed to travel light with just one trolley bag that weighed less than 10 kg for 3 days… And I also succeed to stay at a capsule hotel for my 2-night stay there.

While this might be something so normal for you guys, those were all my first times for me. So I’ve done a little progress by completing the mission. *lol*

Anyway, a few days ago I made a poll on my Instastory post and the result was that 80% of the voters chose the review of the capsule hotel where I stayed in Singapore instead of the new train from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. So, as I promised… Here I am writing a review of the capsule hotel, Spacepod@com! 😀

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I Bought 2 Tickets For Singapore Next Month (And I Will Travel Differently This Time)

So, despite I didn’t really have any plan to travel anywhere except for my ‘big’ trip later this year, I suddenly bought a return ticket to Singapore next month.

This time, not only that I bought a flight ticket, but also another ticket that has become pretty much the highlight of this year for me: a ticket for a pre-season match between Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid! For those who probably don’t know, watching Arsenal live in the stadium is one of the things to do on my 30-before-30 list.

Singapore is probably one of the countries that I have visited the most outside my home country Indonesia. Honestly, I have no idea how many times I visited this city-state, either for work or holiday if not transit.

Since this trip is somewhat impromptu, as I usually plan my trip ahead long before the D-day and this time I only had around a month to prepare things up. So little time with so little money if I gotta be honest.

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What You Could Get In Singapore For $10 – Fill Your Tummy in Southeast Asia’s Most Expensive City!

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, I suppose you know one city-state that I’ve got a love-and-hate relationship with. Yup, Singapore it is!

You’re probably familiar with the nickname ‘singlepoor’ that I give to the city-state as it is the way Singapore makes me feel everytime I pay for a visit, be it for holiday or work. There are two airports in Southeast Asia that I cannot avoid when I travel around the region with budget airlines: SIN in Changi Airport, Singapore or KLIA/KLIA2 in Kuala Lumpur.

And frankly speaking, I would always focus on the flight through KLIA/KLIA2 for a transit as I consider it to be more budget-friendly for me. Being a price sensitive kind of traveler is hard, it’s especially harder when you have to deal with Indonesian Rupiahs as your main source of income.

From my point of view, $10 would get me far in Kuala Lumpur for a short overnight. But Singapore?! Not so much.

So, I’m glad that I got reconnected with Shi Hui from IreviewUread who has shared with us the Singaporean local beauty product Que Potion Lotion a few months ago. This time, instead of talking about beauty product, she will recommend how to spend your $10 USD in the city from a local point of view. So, off we go! 😀

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