What You Could Get in Sibiu for $10 – A Hearty Good Meal in the Heart of Romania and Beyond!

Hi everyone, it’s almost Christmas… What are you preparing for the Holidays?!

It’s Wednesday again, and as usual, time for some $10 series. Yeay!

Anyway, this time’s $10 series, we’ll fly back to Romania… The country where someone from the past comes from (hmmm), and by someone from the past, I was really talking about Adrian Mutu. 😛 #rootingforparma

So, you might have already read some of the posts on Romania, from Romanian local beauty product to what you could spend your $10 in the capital city Bucharest. This time, we’re going to the center part of Romania to see how you could spend your Hamilton there.

This time, we’ve got Iuliana from Authentic Travels to share with us the local insights on Sibiu. Stand still and read on! 😉

What You Could Get In Bucharest For $10 – The Best of Bucharest

Hi everyone!

On this week’s What You Could Get In The City For $10, we’ll be back to Europe… And after we got introduced to Romanian’s local beauty product Farmec Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant, now it’s time for Jules from The Traveling Tulip to share with us how we could spend our $10 in her hometown.

Back when I was wayyy younger, I got introduced to the city because of the local football club Dinamo Bucharest that had been playing in the European Cup (back in the day, it was called UEFA Cup though!) and that was the club where Adrian Mutu used to play so anyway…

I’m not too familiar with Romanian culture in general despite the fact that my best friend in high school is half-Romanian, but thanks to Jules, I just found out that Bucharest is actually the capital city of culture in Romania!

So, how does Jules spend the $10 in Bucuresti? – that, apparently is how the locals call the city 😛 

Around The World With The Beauties! – (Italy) Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder & (Romania) Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant

Hello beautravelers!

Back to Around The World With The Beauties, and this time I’m excited to introduce you to two beauty products from two countries with some similarities as the country has got similar Latin-derived language: Italy and Romanian. 🙂

I swear it’s only a coincidence that the good ol’ friend with benefits that I got was a Romanian guy who somehow used to live in Italy and could only manage to speak it fluently for the sake of dating an Italian girl when he was there. Why so many coincidences and so hard to move on? *cray cray*

Anyway, this time I’m excited to cover some local products from Italy and Romania, thanks to Anastasiia Nokhrina of Diamonds Always Fit who recommends Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder in Italy and Iulia Falcutescu of the traveling tulip who’s up to share her two cents about Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Passion from Romania. 🙂