21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

Winter is around the corner. For most people, the winter holiday is definitely a busy time to travel, with Christmas and New Year in this period. Not to mention that most winter activities are quite expensive. From skiing to snowboarding, it's almost hard to find affordable destinations you can visit during the winter.

If you're like me, you know too well that coming from a tropical country, going on a winter holiday to enjoy the colder weather and occasionally snow is considered a luxury thing that not all of us can experience.

So in this post, I'll write about some simple tips to prepare for your first winter holiday. And on top of that, I've collaborated with some fellow bloggers and travelers to compile some recommended destinations for your first winter vacations. Those that are affordable, with plenty of things to do to enjoy the colder weather… With or without snow!

22 Best Places to Unplug and Live in the Moment

22 Best Places to Unplug and Live in the Moment

In a world that is so well-connected, there are times when we feel like unplugging and just living in the moment while enjoying where we are without having to connect to the outside world.

We all need digital detox sometimes, but sometimes the need is overlooked because almost 80% of our life is spent through the world wide web. Whether it is for work, connecting with friends and family when you live overseas, or simply just the fact that you're bored of your reality.

So in this post, some fellow bloggers and I are compiling a list of top-notch places to unplug and live in the moment. The places you can consider going for a digital detox, some spots that can give you a chance to disconnect just so you can reconnect better with your routines.

What You Could Get in Poznan for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the 5th Largest City in Poland

Hi everyone!

It's Wednesday again, and it means that it's the day for another $10 series this week! Poland, by far, has become one of the countries with the most cities covered for the series… And this week, we're going to talk about another city in Poland!

Charlie from Nonchalant Navigator will share how to travel on the budget in one of the country's hidden gems. So, after we covered myriad cities in Poland, from Krakow to Lublin, it's time for us to hear what you could do under $10 USD in Poland's 5th largest city: Poznan.

In case you forget, that's where my favorite national football team, Croatia, beat the Republic of Ireland 3-1 in Euro 2012.

So, what could you get in Poznan for $10? Check this one out!

What You Could Get in Lublin for $10 – How to Get the Most Out of the Tourist Card and Beyond!

Christmas around the corner, and I suppose some of us miss Christmas markets' festivity during this time of the year, something that would probably be different this year.

And speaking of the Christmas market, I think Poland is one of the European countries you shouldn't miss if you get a chance to get there during Christmas days. It is one of the most devoutly religious countries on the continent, with over 80% of the population identified themselves as Catholic.

So, it feels like a right time to talk about a city in Poland during this time of the year… Thanks to Karolina of Travel Poland Tours, today we're going to find out about how far you could get with $10 in Lublin.

Now, after we know what we could get in the city like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk… What does make Lublin unique compared to other Polish cities?!

50+ Local Beer Around the World You Need to Add on Your International Travel Bucket List

Happy International Beer Day!

Wait, do you even know that today is actually International Beer Day? If you don't, then just know that there's such a thing like International Beer Day and it's celebrated around the world… This Friday!

As a beer enthusiast myself, beer is one of the alcoholic drinks that I can't simply say no whenever I get offered. More especially when I travel overseas.

It's the only drink with alcohol that makes me feel like I'm a responsible drinker. Anything stronger than beer, and I start rambling about my life problem. God knows why I am like this. LOL.

So today, I'm excited to present to you a piece of collaboration about beer. Together with more than 50 fellow bloggers slash travelers, we would like to share the local beer around the world with you that you can add on your bucket list.

Do you have your local favorite on the list? Go check this out!