Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon and Treats Containing This Spice?

The smell of warm apple pie spreading through the house causes the feeling of joy in most people. Who would resist these delicious treats, to which cinnamon gives that recognizable taste?

The benefits of this aromatic spice have been known for several millennia, but it does not lack gastronomic properties either.

Most pup owners are troubled by the question – is cinnamon a desirable ingredient in a dog's diet? The answer is one big YES.

So, you no longer have to enjoy the smell and aroma of this spice on your own. Feel free to give it to your pet, but in a specific way, and taking care of the quantities.


A Guide for Using CBD Pet Products

CBD edibles have been popular in the market since their introduction. As beneficial as they are for humans, they are touted as equally effective for your pets. Pet owners are always looking for the best way to keep their pets comfortable, healthy and happy.

The introduction of CBD Pet Products has brought forward a revolution and all pet owners are trying to get the best use out of it. Be it temporary illness, chronic conditions in pets or basic health-enhancing requirements, CBD pet products claim to treat all of these issues with ease. This article will give and idea about how CBD would work for your beloved.


Water Bottles For Dogs When Hiking And Other Things to Take With You

Hiking is something that needs to be taken seriously, even so if you are going to take your dog with you. If you don’t, you may put your dog at risk and may have to turn back after some time into it. Hiking is a great activity to do when traveling with a pet, but you need to be well-prepared for the sake of your safety.

That’s why we have you covered with a little guide on how to hike with your dog, the things you should take with you, and where to get water bottles for your dog to avoid it from dehydrating.