Apartmani Vasic, Banja Koviljaca.

Apartmani Vasic – Where to Stay in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia

Banja Koviljaca is one of the most famous spa towns in Serbia, which I’ve included on the list of must-visit places in Serbia the other day. Situated at the foothill of Mt. Gucevo, you could enjoy some relaxing and spa time as if you were one of the members of the royal dynasty Karadjordjevic in the early 1900s.

Apart from Banja Koviljaca, there are also a few spa towns in Serbia such as Vrnjacka Banja, Bukovicka Banja, or Niska Banja. However, since I spent a few days traveling around Loznica and I stayed at the accommodation located in Banja Koviljaca, this time I’m going to write a review about my experience of staying at Apartmani Vasic when I was there.

Located at Marsala Tita, there are plenty of accommodations in the area around Banja Koviljaca. Marsala Tita itself is the main road that connects West Serbia with Bosnia. So, how was my stay at Apartmani Vasic when I booked it as accommodation during my stay in Banja Koviljaca?

5 Reasons to Spend Your Digital Nomad Life in Izmir, Turkey

5 Reasons to Spend Your Digital Nomad Life in Izmir, Turkey

Izmir in Turkey has always had a special place in my heart. It is where I traveled overseas for the first time, and the city is also where I spent the summer far away from home for the very first time. So it is not rocket science when I decided to spend my semi digital nomad life in Izmir for the last couple of months last year.

Going back to Izmir became a journey for tracing back in time, wandering around full of nostalgic vibes. From walking around the seaside while people-watching, to visiting the good ol’ dormitory where I spent too much drama with the headmaster. Good time. LOL.

But of course, I’m not gonna rant about the personal side of the story this time. And instead, I want to share with you a few reasons why Izmir can also be an excellent alternative to make a homebase in your digital nomad journey in Turkey.

3 Things I've Learned Before My Upcoming 33rd Birthday

3 Things I’ve Learned Before My Upcoming 33rd Birthday

It was fun and games until suddenly, I realized that my 33rd birthday is in a week. I had a video call with my mom today and she kept reminding me of that. That, and the reminder to buy her some stuff from Turkey.

I’ve been traveling in the past few months. As much as I want to update my blog with my traveling stories, it’s hard to do it these days since I’m still traveling with my little ol’ netbook and my friend in Serbia changed the OS to Linux. I can’t seem to get the hang of it, nor do I have the patience to sort out my traveling photos as quickly as I always did on Windows. 

So I figure I will resume my traveling stories as soon as I get back to Indonesia on the laptop I’ve got at home, and this time I’m going to touch on some topic on my personal matters: my age and the lessons I’ve learned that remind me of my maturity during my trip this time. 

5 Ways to Spend Your Time Alone and Become Your Own Best Friend - The BeauTraveler

5 Ways to Spend Your Time Alone and Become Your Own Best Friend

I’m counting down the days to start traveling again after spending almost two years not going anywhere and just staying at home. This time, I will try living a semi-digital nomad life as I’m going back to Izmir for a month, and then head off to Belgrade for another month to travel around Serbia before going back to Turkey and choosing Istanbul as my next base for the next.

As I almost always travel alone, I don’t know how many times I encounter friends or strangers who would be like, “Wow… How could you travel and do other things alone? How do you manage to have no one but yourself as a company?”

And the key to spending your time alone is this: you need to be your own best friend. But then again, spending my time alone isn’t exactly a challenge for my introverted self. I find mingling with strangers more challenging than having to order a table for one at the restaurant.

So, how do I usually manage to enjoy my solitude? Here are some ways I do to spend my quality ‘me time’!