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5 Ways to Spend Your Time Alone and Become Your Own Best Friend

I’m counting down the days to start traveling again after spending almost two years not going anywhere and just staying at home. This time, I will try living a semi-digital nomad life as I’m going back to Izmir for a month, and then head off to Belgrade for another month to travel around Serbia before going back to Turkey and choosing Istanbul as my next base for the next.

As I almost always travel alone, I don’t know how many times I encounter friends or strangers who would be like, “Wow… How could you travel and do other things alone? How do you manage to have no one but yourself as a company?”

And the key to spending your time alone is this: you need to be your own best friend. But then again, spending my time alone isn’t exactly a challenge for my introverted self. I find mingling with strangers more challenging than having to order a table for one at the restaurant.

So, how do I usually manage to enjoy my solitude? Here are some ways I do to spend my quality ‘me time’!

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5 Teenage Hobbies That Are Still Relevant in Your 30s

5 Teenage Hobbies That Are Still Relevant in Your 30s

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about myself during the pandemic, it is the fact that I’m in my 30s, spending my time with the hobbies that I’ve had since I was a teenager. The hobbies that have been lost and found again almost 20 years later, as I’m forced to stay at home longer than I expected.

As a homebody, I enjoy my life the most when I’m home. But even for me, there are times when I feel frustrated and hopeless during the pandemic. As a result, I got in touch with my old hobbies. Some of them kinda brought me back to the memory lanes, as those are the things that I loved to do in my spare time when I was 15.

So in this post, I’m going to write about these teenage hobbies of mine that are surprisingly still relevant in my 30s. You may say that it’s the same shit, different time. But for me, it’s the same shit, but different approach because I’m older. Therefore, I’m (probably) wiser.

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June 2021: What Has Happened to Me So Far in 2021

For those who usually stalk my blog every other day, you probably know that I usually write down my new year’s resolution here and review it every June to see how close I get to my goals or whether I give up yet. LOL.

Last year, I didn’t get a chance to write down my new year’s resolution as I got a bit busy with some other stuff that I couldn’t even think of goals to achieve this year. With the pandemic going, it’s even harder for me to think of something to motivate me for the year. Besides, I already mentioned some wishes I’ve got for the next decade a few years ago. So I guess that counts. LOL.

But this time, June almost ends, and I think it’s only fair to keep myself checked on how my life goes without any resolutions this year. Recently, I’ve made some life changes that I’m not even sure whether it would work well for me. But just like every time, I’m just trying to wing it and hope for the best.

So, what has happened in 2021 so far?!

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5 Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Hello, everyone!

This is my very first organic post since I published a post about how to write a guest post pitch the other day. One of the reasons is that I’ve been swarmed up with some activities these days that are not blog-related. One of them is that I took some online courses to learn a foreign language.

Well, technically, I’m taking two separate courses to learn two foreign languages. Earlier this year, I decided to polish my Turkish language skill after I came across some random Turkish series on Facebook. LOL. For that, I already know basic Turkish, so my goal for the course is quite simple… To improve my speaking and listening skills, as well as to enrich my vocabulary.

Apart from Turkish, I also registered for an online course to start learning Serbian. A couple of years ago, I came across Serbian Language and Culture Workshop site, and I was already planning to join their program ever since. Initially, I was planning to go there this year, but then the pandemic hit, so I have to postpone.

As a result, I’m taking the online course for both languages simultaneously. That’s why I decided to start writing about some tips to learn a foreign language. I’m not saying I’m a multitalented person slash polyglot, but I guess I get by when it comes to learning a language that is not my mother tongue.

So, what are the best ways to learn a foreign language?!

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2020 For Me: The Losses, The Gains, and What’s Left Behind This Weird Year

2020 is almost over, and you know what this post is all about!

In the early 2000s, when I started blogging on LiveJournal (does it still exist?), my first intention was to have a platform to pour my heart out through writing. And that’s what I want to do now, to write something a tad personal. I write this for myself than for any visitors who come across my blog.

As much as I agree that we shouldn’t look back and just move forward to be a better version of ourselves, I always think it’s also important to know what we did in the past and how we can change things to make it better in the future.

So, after writing about how 2020 had been so far back in June, this is the post where I will reflect on the entire 2020 for me now it’s almost over.

This isn’t the year where I should put a lot of pressure on myself for the goals that I set earlier this year in my resolutions. I think it’s fair to say that this year is the year when I should be grateful that I’ve survived this weird year.

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