Try Destinations A Bit More Off the Radar

It's easy to be so cautious when choosing a destination for your next holiday. A lot of people like to go for the same sort of holiday destinations because they know what they're getting.

You can't really go wrong with an all-inclusive in Europe. They're pretty much safe, the hotels are great, and you know exactly what you're getting when you're going.

But this style of holiday is preventing you from seeing the world in a different light. There is just so much to see and do out there, you shouldnโ€™t keep yourself sheltered behind the doors of an all-inclusive.

Instead, you should have a read of the holiday destinations that we have below, and see if you'd like to go for any of them.


What You Could Get in Muscat for $10 โ€“ The Must Visit Place on Budget in Muscat

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since the last time covered somewhere in the Middle East region. We all probably agree that the Middle East offers something really unique in terms of travel. Like, you want to see what's there but on the other hand, you're not sure where to start.

Maybe you know almost nothing about the region. But if so, I hope you're not one of those ignorants who would just connect the region to the war. For a start, the Middle East is very big. It consists of several countries, divided into I don't know how many hundreds of the city combined.

From the glamorous life of Emirati, to simply just enjoy the beach life in Tel Aviv, it's fair to say that the region is very broad. And this week, I'm excited to cover another city that is probably underrated compared to some famous destination in the Middle East.

Thanks to Rahma from The Sane Adventurer, as she has compiled this piece for us so we could get to know more about the capital city of Oman, Muscat.