What You Could Get In Queenstown For $10 – How to Explore an Overpriced City on a Budget

Back again at $10, yay… Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😀

So, if you asked me one of the countries that’s on top 10 bucket list to visit before I die, without hesitation I’d say New Zealand is one of them. Being a broke Indonesian myself, New Zealand sounds a little too dreamy. Like so close, yet so far…

I mean, geographically, the map of New Zealand is only a few centimeters away from here. But to get there for real though, with the necessity of visa application because of my weak passport and the idea of it being so expensive despite its beauty… God knows at what point in my life that I could afford to visit the country.

So, when Bailey from Destinationless Travel sent her piece on Queenstown for the $10 series, I was so ecstatic!