21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

Winter is around the corner. For most people, the winter holiday is definitely a busy time to travel, with Christmas and New Year in this period. Not to mention that most winter activities are quite expensive. From skiing to snowboarding, it’s almost hard to find affordable destinations you can visit during the winter.

If you’re like me, you know too well that coming from a tropical country, going on a winter holiday to enjoy the colder weather and occasionally snow is considered a luxury thing that not all of us can experience.

So in this post, I’ll write about some simple tips to prepare for your first winter holiday. And on top of that, I’ve collaborated with some fellow bloggers and travelers to compile some recommended destinations for your first winter vacations. Those that are affordable, with plenty of things to do to enjoy the colder weather… With or without snow!

5 World Cities That Are Perfect for Solo Travel

5 World Cities That Are Perfect for Solo Travel

Traveling solo is a great way to get to know yourself and see the world in one go. You would have full control of your schedule and chosen destination, which can be both liberating and intimidating.

Going to unfamiliar places all on your own means having to take care of all the practical aspects of travel—from booking your tickets to getting yourself out of sticky situations—by yourself. If you’re not used to doing this, then it’s a great time to start learning. However, you might also want to pick a destination that is safe and friendly to travelers so you can explore without putting yourself in danger.

what you could get in groningen for $10

What You Could Get in Groningen for $10 – 6 Fun, Budget-Friendly Things to Do Around the City

After covering various cities in the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to a few off-the-beaten-path destinations like Utrecht and Haarlem, today we’re going back to the Netherlands to see how far you could get in one of the cities there under $10. This time, we’re going to the north and explore a few budget-friendly things to do in Groningen! 

This week, we have Cynthia and Alexander from Travel Your Memories to share their experience exploring the city for under $10. Read on to find out a few budget-friendly activities in Groningen! 

What You Could Get in Utrecht for $10 – 5 More Things to Do Other than the Dom Tower

It’s the first Wednesday in March, so hi everybody!

In case you missed my post on 50+ Local Beers Around the World, Paul and Cosette of KarsTravels recommended us Skuumkoppe in the Netherlands and this time, Cosette is also here to recommend the other thing that the country has to offer!

So, on this week’s $10 we’re going to the middle part of the Netherlands and go to Utrecht and see how far you could get around the city on the budget!

After covering a few cities from Haarlem to Rotterdam the other day, are you ready to see what you could get in Utrecht?

Why You Should Visit Europe in Autumn

Europe. Wherever you are right now in the world, I can guarantee you that Europe is on your travel bucket list – because it’s not just one place.

It’s London monuments and French rivieras, Spanish tapas and Italian churches. It’s Bavarian fruitcakes and Belgian chocolates, Greek plate-smashing and Icelandic ice baths.

Europe is stuffed with cities, country towns, beaches and baths, spas and pools and theaters and museums. Europe is dripping in history, culture, spectacular art, amazing beer and some of the finest and most authentic food you’ll ever taste in your life.

If Europe isn’t on your bucket list, you’re not writing the right bucket list!