What You Could Get in Mazatlán for $10 – Heaven for Beach Lovers and So Many More!

Hi everyone! 😀

Let’s fly back to the Pacific for this week’s $10 series… And this time, we’re flying out to Mexico to see how much $10 is worth in the city of Mazatlan, thanks to Matt and Heather from Reason2Roam.

Well then, after we’ve covered Mexico City a few months ago, what do you think Mazatlan could offer for your Hamilton bill?!

What You Could Get In Mexico City For $10 – Things To Do When You Want To Burn Your Pesos

Hi everyone! 😀

What is the first thing that comes in mind whenever you hear something about Mexico? Nowadays, maybe you’d remember the ballad of Trump and Mexican Walls. Or since FIFA World Cup 2018 just ended up a couple of months ago, maybe you remember that time when they beat Germany 1-0.

Well, I grew up with Mexican telenovela so that’s probably something that I would associate with when I heard about Mexico. And burrito, of course! 😛

Anyway, on this week’s $10 series, I would like to thank Adrien from Strangers Abroad Podcast for covering Mexico City in the series. So, here we go!

11 Random Facts About the Countries in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and Some Smartass Prediction: Group E & F

It’s Saturday again, and getting closer to the opening ceremony of World Cup 2018 in Russia!

Anyone planning to watch the match live in the stadium? Because if so, I absolutely envy you. It’s always been my dream to watch the World Cup live in the stadium.

Never got any luck (or enough money) to do it, so I think with the visa-free for Indonesian passport holder in Qatar, my best (and nearest) opportunity to actually watch it will be in 2022.

But anyway, despite being sorry for myself and my passport and economy weakness, let’s try the feature for those countries in Group E and F for this World Cup! 😀