What You Could Get in Oaxaca City for $10 – The Discovery of a Vibrant City in Southern Mexico

Oaxaca de Juarez, or Oaxaca City, is the capital city of a Mexican state with the same name. Located in the southern part of the country, it has various places to visit and many activities to experience around the city.

This week, in our $10 series, we have Julien of Cultures Traveled to share how you could spend a day with your $10 USD in Oaxaca City.

So, what could you get in the city on the budget?!

What You Could Get in Morelia for $10

What You Could Get in Morelia for $10 – How to Explore the Most Spanish City in Mexico

When talking about traveling in Mexico, destinations like Mexico City or Playa del Carmen might be more popular to explore. But guess what? There are so many places around Mexico that are also worth visiting, and Morelia in Michoacan is no exception.

Michelle of Silvas Travel Tribe is going to share with us how you could explore Morelia on the budget on this week’s $10 series.

Dubbed as the most Spanish city in Mexico, what does Morelia have to offer?!

New Year’s Bucket List: Places to Visit in the First Half of 2020

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you might probably notice already, it’s my first post this year… And this time, I don’t wanna lose the momentum as I’ve collaborated with some fellow bloggers to serve you a list of places recommendations to visit this year.

Starting in this post, I’ll share with you the recommended places to visit in the first half of 2020. So, if you’re planning for a trip some time around January and June this year… It’s not too late for you to decide where you’re gonna go for your next trip.

So, what do we have here? Please check this out!

What You Could Get in Guanajuato City for $10 – Saving Time and Money While Exploring the City

Hi everyone! 🙂

After covering Chicago last week for our $10 series, we’re going to stay in the Americas for this week. And this time, we’re gonna cover in the city of USA’s neighboring country: Mexico.

Yes, this is not the first time we cover a city in Mexico, as we’ve covered cities like Mexico City to Playa del Carmen previously. Now, could you guess what city we’re going to talk about on this week’s series?!

Thanks to Ron and Jess of Unearth the Voyage, we’re now getting ready to see how far you could get with your $10 USD in Guanajuato. Enjoy! 😉

What You Could Get in Playa del Carmen for $10 – How to Spend Your Money Around the Yucatan Peninsula

Hello, everyone!

In case you haven’t read my post on the couple travelers who spark joy, then I’m excited to tell you that on this week’s $10 series, one of the couples would cover a coastal resort town in Mexico.

Yes, Mayuri from To Some Place New is here to share how you could spend your $10 in Playa del Carmen!

After we covered Mazatlan recently, I’m so excited to see so many alternatives you could do in Mexico on budget. So, here we go! 😀