21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

21 Affordable Destinations for Your First Winter Vacation

Winter is around the corner. For most people, the winter holiday is definitely a busy time to travel, with Christmas and New Year in this period. Not to mention that most winter activities are quite expensive. From skiing to snowboarding, it's almost hard to find affordable destinations you can visit during the winter.

If you're like me, you know too well that coming from a tropical country, going on a winter holiday to enjoy the colder weather and occasionally snow is considered a luxury thing that not all of us can experience.

So in this post, I'll write about some simple tips to prepare for your first winter holiday. And on top of that, I've collaborated with some fellow bloggers and travelers to compile some recommended destinations for your first winter vacations. Those that are affordable, with plenty of things to do to enjoy the colder weather… With or without snow!

What You Could Get in Budapest for $10 – Things to Do and Visit Around the Capital City of Hungary

Hi everyone!

It's the first post in the $10 series that I've published in February, and in case you didn't know… It's my birthday month!

So, even though I'm currently in the midst of my birthday trip through Indochina, thanks to Giulia and Darek of Travelling Sunglasses who will now cover one of the cities that I also have on my bucket list: Budapest.

Hungary is known as one of the least expensive countries in Europe, and Budapest as the capital city has its own charm that attracts travelers to come there. So, what could you get in Budapest for $10? Check this one out!

3 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas in Europe

Nothing beats a good holiday; the weather, new cuisines, cultures and lots of beautiful photos to take!

The problem is we'll often end up really blowing the budget. Though you'll have lots of fun, plenty of us would prefer the fun times without the huge price tags.

If you've still got some holiday time, and you're looking for some inexpensive destinations, try one of these reasonably priced European spots.