12 Couple Travelers Who Spark Joy To Your Traveling Plan With Your Partner

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! 😀

If I usually spent Valentine’s day alone, being single and miserable, then this year it’s different. Well, technically I’m not single but then again I’d still spend my Valentine’s day alone since my boyfriend is in Singapore.

But then again, let me throw some mushy stuff to you in case you feel miserable just because you’re far away from your partner on this Valentine’s day: 14 February doesn’t really matter when you’re with the right partner. Why? Because you don’t need a special day to celebrate love. You could always celebrate love everyday. Or hate, for that matter. 😛

I mean, we agree that as much as you love your partner, there is some stuff about them that makes you want to rip their neck sometimes.

Anyway, since I’ve just jumped into the bandwagon to plan out a vacation with my boyfriend… I’m checking out some other couple travelers to get some inspo about traveling with my partner. And I decided to list the 12 of my favorites on the day of love. Yeay!

What You Could Get in Kalabaka for $10 – What’s More Than Meteora In This Small Town

Hi everyone! 😀

Time has passed so fast that we’re now already in mid-January. You know what that means? It’s only a month to go until my 30th birthday. I’m so getting ready to bid farewell to my 20s, but it’s not the case because we’re now back to the $10 series.

So, after we once talked about how you could spend your $10 in Athens, right now we’re going to some other place in Greece. And in this opportunity, I’m lucky to reconnect with Lindsay of Carpe Diem My Way as she volunteered to cover the town of Kalabaka in the country.

What You Could Get In Athens For $10 – 5 Things to Do for Less than 10 Dollar in the Land of Gods and Goddess

Hi everyone!

Say, when we start to get in a conversation about god and goddess, what country would come across to your mind? Well, obviously, it’s the country where the Olympics were born: Greece.

And yes, after a few months ago we covered the infamous Greek beauty brand Korres, it’s time for us to cover the capital city in our very own series What You Could Get In The City For $10!

I mean, there are so many things about Greece that you’re probably familiar with. Like I mentioned, it’s probably something to do with Greek mythology. Maybe the Olympics, or yeah… For those who are probably more into pop culture, you probably watch Mamma Mia some time in your life.

And now, thanks to Valentini from My Shoes Abroad, who took some time to write this piece to recommend things you could do with $10 USD in Athens!

Around The World With The Beauties! – (Greece) Korres Advance Brightening and Nourishing Face Oil & (Malta) Stellar Cosmetics Glitter Eyeshadow

Hello beautravelers! 😀

Is there any of you who are a big fan of Mediterranean Sea? I mean, who would say no to the idea of a vacation there?

And if you’re a fan of beauty products, then I’ve got a good news for you… Because now on Around The World With Beauties, I will talk about 2 beauty products from 2 countries around the Mediterranean Sea: Greece and Malta!

So next time, if you’re planning a vacation or honeymoon in both countries, maybe you should consider to try their local beauty products. And thanks to Nikoleta Oikonomou who recommends Korres Advance Brightening and Nourishing Face Oil from Greece, as well as Lourdes Gio who took some time to write on Stellar Cosmetics Glitter Eyeshadow from Malta. 🙂