What You Could Get in Kutaisi for $10 – Have a Fun Day in the City!

Hi everyone!

So, whenever Georgia comes up in some traveling topic, it can be ambiguous as one either talks about Georgia as the country or as the state in the United States.

Well, today we're going to cover a city in Georgia, the country. One of the off-the-beaten travel destinations in Europe around the Caucasus.

After we covered the capital city Tbilisi a few months ago, now we have Emily of the Wander-Lush to share with us how to travel with $10 on the other side of Georgia: Kutaisi.

What You Could Get in Tbilisi for $10 – Get Busy in Georgia’s Capital City

Hello everyone, rogor khar?!

In case you're wondering whether I spoke gibberish at that point, just know that it's Georgian word for ‘how are you?'. And when I said Georgia, I mean Georgia the tiny country somewhere in Eastern Europe. Yes, not Georgia as in one of the states in the USA.

I've got a few good friends from Georgia, as I met them during my summer course almost 10 years ago in Turkey. In case you're not familiar with the country, go google it now. For those who like football ever since the golden era of AC Milan in early 2000s, you might not know about the country, but you're probably familiar with Kakha Kaladze.

If you knew his personal story about his late brother Levan, you might also take a bit of concern about the country as well. Just like what I did back then. Otherwise, you might want to know a little more about this country and what it can over for your wanderlust.

This week on What You Could Get In The City for $10, Chris from Worthy Go will share with us how far you could get in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.