What You Could Get in Havana for $10 – How to Avoid Scams in Heavenly Havana

Hi everyone! 😀

There’s one city that once confused me as I often casually played with words through abbreviations or even some puns. And that city is the one that we’re going to cover this week: Havana.

So, I know nothing about Cuba, except for the popularity of Fidel Castro back in the days. I wasn’t really familiar about the capital city Havana either. I wasn’t really familiar in a way that I didn’t know how it looked like or what you could find there, as we didn’t really focus on the region back when I was at school.

However, there’s one thing that made Havana so easy to remember for me: Havana is like something in-between heaven and nirvana. So I was like, does that make the city heavenly?

Anyway, this week we’re going to have the city covered by Claudia from My Adventures Across The World for our $10 series. So, how could you spend your $10 in the city?!