11 Random Facts About the Countries in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and Some Smartass Prediction: Group C & D

Happy Saturday, everyone! 😀

For some of you who made it to the end reading my previous post on smartass prediction and random facts of the countries on Group A & B, thank you so much. I know it’s a long post, and this one will be pretty much the same although you could actually skip it to the specific section that you want. That’s why I’m using the table of contents above.

So this time, we’ll talk about some random trivia about the countries who would be the participants of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. And this time, it’s those countries who will be playing on Group C and D.

And yes, one of them would be my favorite national football team. 😉

What You Could Get In Zagreb For $10 – Booze Before Anything Else

Hello again, everyone! 😀

It’s Wednesday again, and it means that my very own favorite feature on this blog is back! And yes, What You Could Get In The City For $10 is here again, and this time I’m getting a little way too excited. Why?

Because this time, I will cover one of the cities that is totally on the top of my bucket list: Zagreb in Croatia!

In case you wonder why, I’ve been obsessed with Balkan area ever since I was around 11. The main reason why is that because I’ve been supporting their national football team ever since France 1998. #BudiPonosan #AjmoHrvatska

This passion over Croatian football led me to pick the major I took in the university: International Relations. And not just that, because in the last semester of the university, I chose a topic related to Croatia for my thesis: The Cultural Diplomacy of Serbia and Croatia in the Post-Yugoslav Era (2006-2011).

Ever since I was 11, I always want to go to Croatia and have a Balkan trip because I’ve been dreaming of a Balkan beau although I used to date a Bosniak and it didn’t work as I expected. So when Angelynn from Travelholicmusings told me she wanted to cover Zagreb, I found myself a little way too excited! 😀