What You Could Get in Beijing for $10 – Your First Glimpse in Mainland China

Hi everyone! 😀

After covering Hong Kong and Macao some time ago, I’m so excited when Jade and Kev from Two Tall Travellers reached out to cover the first city in mainland China that we’re gonna talk about: the one and only capital city, Beijing.

Speaking of which, since it’s $10 series, then I don’t know who needs to hear this but the currency in mainland China is renminbi and not yuan. And you’ll get a further explanation about this later in the post.

If you kinda mistake one with another, I’m not gonna blame you as you might adapt it from watching too many Chinese movies with subtitle. Like I did in the youth. #AsianProblems

So, what could you get in Beijing for $10? And how much is $10 USD in renminbi? Go check this out! 🙂

Review: Malindo Air (A Flight from Kota Kinabalu to Singapore)

Just when I wanted to highly recommend Malindo Air for any flight in Southeast Asia region, I just found out that Malindo has recently changed their policy in terms of free baggage and onboard meals.

So, after my Borneo trip ended, I flew to Singapore with Malindo Air from Kota Kinabalu. And I suppose this was one of the last Malindo flights before they changed the policy. Now that they’ve got a new policy with a few flight options, I’m still going to write a review of my flight anyway.

I’ve also checked the price with each package to compare with my last experience flying with Malindo. So, would I still recommend you to fly with Malindo around ASEAN countries? Here’s the review for this Malindo Air! 🙂

Best Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is a continent that is flourishing at present. In terms of tourism, Asia has a lot to offer. Although keep in mind to be a responsible traveler in Asia for so many reasons. 

From the romance of Bali to the vibrancy of Bangkok, Asia is filled to the brim with personality. Moreover, what is so great about this continent is the fact that there is something for everybody.

Each location has something different to offer. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover more information about the best places to visit in Asia, the top attractions, and the best cities for street food…