Which One is More Stressful: Climbing the Corporate Ladder or Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Which One is More Stressful: Climbing the Corporate Ladder or Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Anyone who has ever tried climbing the corporate ladder and challenged their luck in becoming an entrepreneur will know the answer. Both are stressful in a totally different way!

While both bring some perks that you can’t get from the other, there are some setbacks about choosing one over the other. Climbing the corporate ladder gives you some kind of stability. Becoming an entrepreneur will give you a chance to make your dream come true. But really, which one is more stressful?

Now, you know I’m not the kind of person who will strongly recommend you to quit your job and travel to start whatever business is… But I’ve been in both situations. Stressing over a corporate job, and dying to figure out how to make things work for my business.

So in this post, I will talk about it… The stress you may get from both sides!

How to Cope When You Travel A Lot For Work

How to Cope When You Travel A Lot For Work

Traveling for work can be an interesting and exciting routine. However, it can also be challenging and take a toll on your health and wellness over time.

If you travel a lot for work then you may be curious to know tips for coping better with your lifestyle so you can remain happy and well. This advice will help ensure that you enjoy your time away and that you feel your best even though you’re out and about more often than you’d prefer.

Business Tourism in Malaysia – Why It’s One of the Best Places for Traders

When it comes to business and business opportunities, Malaysia is known for its progressive approach. Most articles available out there will tell you that, usually, it takes roughly one week for someone to get their business up and running in this country.

In addition to this, the country doesn’t lack scenery, sights, and monuments either – in short, everything that makes for healthy tourism exists abundantly in Malaysia. If we pair this with the pro-tech attitude of the country, we get a space that is more than just ideal for the development of business tourism and trading.

Let’s take a closer look at why Malaysia is one of the best places for traders!

How to Prepare Life as a Digital Nomad

Thanks to there being an increasing number of ways to live and work anywhere in the world, more and more people are thinking about living the digital nomad life

That means staying in various communities while never really settling down in one place for too long. You get to experience much of the world around you and immerse yourself directly in a range of different cultures.

Sound appealing to you? 

Living life as a digital nomad is about simplicity and being able to transport your belongings with you. Transitioning to this way of living takes some preparation.

Here are some of the things you need to prepare to live a nomad lifestyle. 

5 Things That Make Remote Working Better Than The Office

Everyone is going to be working from home for at least another few months. The pandemic is not over, despite vaccines being rolled out. The millions and millions of people that are in line will mean that the average person may need to wait many weeks before they get the jab.

Expect employers to keep employees at home as they continue working from home and doing the best they can. For those of us that were looking forward to going back to the office and now have to reconcile the fact that our home office is the only place we’ll be sitting to do our work, here are 5 things that will make this all better.