Top 10 Travel Blogging Tools and Resources to Help You Monetize Your Digital Platform

Top 10 Travel Blogging Tools and Resources to Help You Monetize Your Digital Platform

When I started my travel blog a few years ago, I only used the little courage I had and some money I spent on a domain name to claim myself as an amateur travel blogger. I never really thought I’d make travel blogging for a living, and ever since, I’ve learned more about some must-have travel blogging tools and resources that I could use to help me monetize my digital platform.

I’m not exactly that blogger who would claim to earn 6 to 7 figures from blogging, no. But baby steps matter, and now that I’ve earned a little bit of money from The BeauTraveler, I want to share some tools and resources that I use to help me earn a few bucks from blogging. So, here we go!

5 Things To Do When You Get Hit By Writer’s Block

5 Things to Do When You Get Hit by Writer’s Block

If you’re a writer getting hit by writer’s block, know this… You’re not alone. In fact, that’s also the reason why I decided to start writing about some tips on things to do when you get hit by writer’s block.

You may notice that it’s been a while since the last time I posted the collab post on places to visit for Valentine’s day in January, and there’s a reason for it. And that’s the freaking writer’s block. It’s not that I have no idea what to write, because there are some experiences that I want to write about, although I just wasn’t inspired enough to start it. Ironic, isn’t it?

Well, in order to hoping that it will help me overcome my writer’s block, I decided to motivate myself by writing about some things I usually do when I get hit by it instead. So, what can you do to overcome writer’s block as a writer? Here we go!

4 Ways to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website

4 Ways to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website

So you decide to build a website. Whether it’s for your business or just for personal use through blogging, choosing the best domain name for your website can be quite tricky.

If you asked me why I ended up choosing The BeauTraveler as my brand as well as my domain name, I actually can’t remember why.

I knew since the beginning that I wanted to have a blog covering some of the topics, including travel, beauty and dating. Some people have mispronounced the brand as in beau traveler when it’s supposed to go like byu-traveler as in beau in “beauty”. But that’s okay, I don’t regret anything about using The BeauTraveler as my brand and domain name.

So in this post, I want to share some tips on choosing the best domain names for your website so you don’t regret it in the future. Here we go!

5 Thrifty Ways to Start a Blog

5 Thrifty Ways to Start a Blog

It’s been quite some time since the last time I published an organic post in this blog. And this time, I want to share some blogging tips to help you get started. I’m a thrifty blogger, so the cheap ways to start a blog are more like my jam to share today!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging for as long as I remember. I had my first blog when I was around 13 (or 14?!); at the time I used Livejournal to share my random cringey teenage stories. And then I transitioned to Blogspot long before Google bought the platform before settling with Tumblr in my early 20s.

Looking back, it was actually quite funny that the thing I do to make money today is actually the thing I’ve done for years, and it took me a while to realize that there was, in fact, a potential to monetize it in the first place. But well, one just has to learn, I suppose…

When I decided to take blogging seriously by purchasing my own domain in 2017, I never thought I’d come this far, but I’m glad I did. If I gotta be honest, blogging is the business I started in which I spent almost nothing to get started…

So, how can we start a blog in the cheapest way possible?

The Dos and Don’ts: How to Write a Guest Post Pitch

In case you missed my old post about Guest Post, Collab Post, and Link Building, you’re probably not sure about why writing a guest post or being involved in a collaboration post matters when you just started as a blogger.

But when you already know why collaborating with other fellow bloggers can positively impact your blog, you may consider writing a guest post pitch for some of the influential blogs in your niche. After knowing which bloggers or blogs you want to reach out for a guest post, how are you supposed to write the pitch to get noticed?

In this post, I want to outline some of the tips I’d like to pinpoint for pitching a guest post!